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Aired: Apr 06, 2014 , Sunday at 21:00 on HBO

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Episode Summary: Tyrion welcomes a new guest; Arya is reunited with an old friend.
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Two Swords

Tywin hands the sword Ice to a blacksmith. The smith separates the blade from the hilt and melts it down, using it to form a long and short sword. Tywin grabs the wolf hide that held the sword and throws it into the flames. Later, Jaime admires his new sword that Tywin had made for him. He thanks him and is surprised to hear there was enough Valyrian steel to forge two swords. He has trouble sheathing his weapon and Tywin says that he can't be in the Kingsguard with only one hand. Tywin asks him ... more

Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 1 has become trends

The Game Begins, Game of Thrones Season 4 titled "Two Swords" airs 4/6/2014. So, do not miss to watch the super premiere season of Game of Thrones season 4 episode 1 online and free! The characters in the Game of Thrones universe live their lives based on fear, so in a sense, it’s fitting that the audience does as well: Fear that a favorite character will be killed; fear that something will prevent George R. R. Martin from finishing the books; fear that, for those who have only experienced the television v... more

Season 4 Premiere A New Threat

Welcome back to Game of Thrones! The epic HBO fantasy drama enters its fourth season, and the start of every year means desperately trying to remember what the heck is going on. "This episode, "Two Swords," does a good job bringing us back into the world as preparations continue to be made for the royal wedding and the attack on Castle Black. Most of the episode is dedicated to Jaime Lannister's return to King's Landing, which isn't very easy.We also meet Oberyn Martell (a man who enjoys se... more



'Game of Thrones' Recap: Arya Finds a New Home

If the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere was all about resolving the many cliffhangers from season 4, this week's episode puts several characters on new paths. Arya Stark gets a new home, Jon Snow gets a new job, Jaime Lannister has a new mission and Daenerys Targaryen makes a decision that could undo everything she's accomplished. Arya's New Home Arya finally arrives in Braavos, a Venice-like city filled with canals. The captain takes her to t... more

'Game of Thrones' Sets Ratings Record with 8 Million Viewers

Game of Thrones returned Sunday night bigger than ever. The season 5 premiere earned just under 8 million viewers, a new series high rating. That's up nearly 1.4 million viewers from the season 4 premiere and 800,000 more than the show's previous series high. And all of that comes after the first four episodes of Game of Thrones season 5 were leaked online over the weekend on various torrent sites. more

4 Reasons Why 'Game of Thrones' Leaving the Books Behind Is a Good Thing

The season five premiere of Game of Thrones might not have the most major of changes from the books, but it certainly had the most voluminous. "The Wars to Come" had minor tweaks in nearly every scene from how they occurred in the source material. When this development is considered in addition to the pre-premiere interviews by showrunners Beinoff and Weis and George R.R. Martin it looks like HBO's  Game of Thrones more


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