Aired: Oct 26, 2016 , Wednesday at 21:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: With the date of Julie's abduction rapidly approaching, Raimy and Frank each work to gather information from a girl whose mother was taken by the Nightingale. Meanwhile, Raimy meets Kyle who immediately remembers her from a brief encounter in the past. She doesn't recognize him at first, but flashes of their night together come rushing back to her.
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Frank and Raimy Question the Same Witness

On this episode of Frequency, "Bleed Over," Raimy and Frank both question the daughter of a missing woman believed to be one of the Nightingale's victims, Raimy's investigation of a missing person leads her to a detective with whom she has a personal connection and Julie continues to dismiss Frank's warnings.Frank catches another possible break in the Nightingale case. A missing woman, Carmen Salinas, went missing in July of 1996. Her daughter Eva, witnessed the abduction. Police questioned the youn... more

Bleed Over

The Kardashians are not alone. If I read The People vs OJ Simpson: American Crime Story right, they became addicted to fame because of everything their father was going through as a result of his involvement in that crime, so it's no surprise Ava felt special on Frequency Season 1 Episode 4. There are probably a lot of people who find themselves in similar situations, but never achieve the ranks of the Kardashians. Instead, they probably just wind up feeling guilty. Fra... more



'No Tomorrow' and 'Frequency' to Get Closure If Cancelled

The CW isn't exactly clear about the fate of No Tomorrow and Frequency but it doesn't take a genius to understand what the newcomers' exclusion from The CW's renewal announcement means. Both shows are expected to conclude after 13 episodes and, considering the network doesn't intend to go beyond the initial order, it's safe to assume that both freshmen series are doomed to cancellation. "We had no in... more

'No Tomorrow' and 'Frequency' Not Picked Up for More Episodes

Things aren't looking good for the future of either new CW drama. According to Deadline, both No Tomorrow and Frequency have not been picked up for any additional episodes this season past their 13-episode orders. Find out all the details on these CW freshmen series below. Frequency is a procedural drama that deals with a father and daughter who conne... more


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