Duck Dynasty

Aired: Feb 19, 2014 , Wednesday at 21:00 on A&E

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Episode Summary: When Willie and Jase argue over an old G.I. Joe toy, it leads them into a debate over who would make a better soldier. To settle the score, Willie and Jase head out to the woods with their friends and children for a paintball match, but the game is cut short when Si gets stuck in a marsh and needs to be rescued. Meanwhile, Jep recruits Martin to help him lay more
... a sidewalk in his front yard, but when they run into some problems, Jep must call on Phil to come save the day.
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Declaring War

War was declared on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 6. Paintball war, that is! It all started when Miss Kay asked the bearded brood to donate their childhood toys to charity. No problem, Willie, Jase and company replied... until Willie came across an old G.I. Joe action figure. Willie said he'd give everything away except that one item, which led to an argument over who the action figure (not the "doll," Miss Kay!) actually belonged to. How did this fight get s... more



'Supernatural' Recap: Another Shocking Death for the Winchesters

Sometimes I hate Supernatural. Not because it's bad, but because the show makes me fall in love with characters only to kill them off. John Winchester, Ash, Jo and Ellen Harvelle, Rufus, Bobby, Kevin Tran and plenty of others. This week Supernatural does it again in a move that makes me angrier and sadder than when Grey's Anatomy killed off McDreamy. more

'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Who Will Win Season 19?

And then there were three. The Mirror Ball Trophy will be awarded to the winner of Dancing with the Stars season 19 tonight, and it will go to one of three stars. There's Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson, Pretty Little Liars star more

'Dancing with the Stars' Recap: Freestyles and the Final 4

It's here, the finals of Dancing with the Stars season 19. And ABC is pulling out all the stops, dedicating five hours over two nights to DWTS. Tonight the four remaining couples will all dance twice, once with the judges' choice for their styles and once with the hotly anticipated Freestyles. The Final 4 is as close as ever, with injury-stricken Alfonso Ribeiro battling a trio of young girls, Bethany, Sadie and Janel. One couple will be eliminated t... more




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