Duck Dynasty

Aired: Feb 19, 2014 , Wednesday at 22:00 on A&E

Season Premiere

Episode Summary: A paintball match is the only way Willie and Jase can see to resolve their latest argument.
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Declaring War

War was declared on Duck Dynasty Season 5 Episode 6. Paintball war, that is! It all started when Miss Kay asked the bearded brood to donate their childhood toys to charity. No problem, Willie, Jase and company replied... until Willie came across an old G.I. Joe action figure. Willie said he'd give everything away except that one item, which led to an argument over who the action figure (not the "doll," Miss Kay!) actually belonged to. How did this fight get s... more



'Hell's Kitchen' Recap: Bollywood and No Food Romance

Hell's Kitchen is now down to nine chefs with the departure of Steve and Frank. Does that mean we're down to the cream of the crop? Considering the egos left, the chefs still don't understand what makes a good leader. To lead, you must listen. Who left in the kitchen really listens? The Dorm Life The chefs leave the kitchen for the dorms and the Red Team is depressed. They know they can't make any more mistakes. The Blue Team's Aaron is determined to earn the prize but Bryant thinks... more

'Dancing with the Stars' Results: The Week 2 Elimination

Dancing with the Stars returns to one night per week next Monday, which means this is our last Tuesday night padded results show until the finale. The Top 12 couples performed to their favorite songs on My Jam Monday, but now it's time for one of them to be eliminated. I predict Michael Waltrip will go after being at the bottom of the leaderboard with a creepy and misogynistic performance that forced his partner Emma Slater into ... more

'Dancing with the Stars' Predictions: Who Will Go Home in Week 2?

Dancing with the Stars season 19 is bringing us two Tuesday night results shows before returning to its regular Monday-only schedule, so for the second time in a row, someone is being eliminated the night after the big dance. This week the stars danced to their favorite songs and we saw huge improvements from Betsey Johnson and Antonio Sabato, Jr., a new head of the leaderboard and a NASCAR driver who spun out into pervy territory. Thing... more




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