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Episode Summary: When the Legends learn that a mysterious tragedy destroyed Memphis in 1954, thus eradicating the birthplace of rock and roll, they embark on their most important mission - to save music. Nate is excited to show Amaya why music is important to him and he is surprised it leads to a rock legend as well as the sixth and final totem, the Death Totem. Meanwhile, more
...Zari helps their newest member try to adjust to the team.
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Amazing Grace

Long live the king.  The most important takeaway from DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 14 was that the Legends got their hands on another totem before the Darhks. That's a point for the Legends, although having a death totem onboard will lead to some issues.  The hour was fun, especially if you're a music lover. Nate was a total nerd about Elvis and the birth of Rock n' Roll, so it mostly served as an hour where he geeked out repeatedly and tried to cram his musical pr... more

What's Causing Mass Hysteria in Memphis?

In this episode of Legends of Tomorrow, titled "Amazing Grace," the team heads to Memphis 1954 after they notice that some things have changed on the Wave Rider. In Memphis, the Legends must save Elvis Presley's career and return the flow of history. Things become more complicated, however, when Elvis' guitar turns out to be a little more than just the inspiration for rock and roll.Hysteria in MemphisMemphis 1950. A man is at work at his shop when a young man comes in looking to buy a g... more



'Legends of Tomorrow' Poll: Is Ava or Constantine a Better Match for Sara?

If the Legends of Tomorrow episode "Necromancing the Stone" proved just one thing, it's to not mess with Sara Lance. If it proved another, it's that Sara's love life is complicated. Sara being possessed by Mallus (again) resulted in her current girlfriend, Ava Sharpe, and former hook-up, John Constantine, working together to free her and also resulted in that current girlfriend becoming a former girlfriend. Legends of Tomorrow Afte... more

'DC's Legends of Tomorrow' Promotes Matt Ryan to Series Regular for Season 4

If/when DC's Legends of Tomorrow returns for season 4, there will be a new member on the team. The CW has promoted Matt Ryan, who plays occult expect John Constantine, to a series regular on Legends for the fourth season. While the CW hasn't officially renewed the show for season 4, it seems inevitable. Ryan has become a recurring character on season 3, helping Sara Lance and the other Legends learn more about Mallus. Ryan first appeared as John Con... more

What Is the Truth About Ava on 'Legends of Tomorrow'?

Legends of Tomorrow is the lightest part of the Arrow-verse. Yet even the most hilarious section of the universe isn't without its share of angst and problems. Just as it seemed like everything was working out for Ava and Sara in their new romance, Legends of Tomorrow threw a curveball at the audience. According to Rip Hunter, there's s... more


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