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Aired: Nov 09, 2016 , Wednesday at 21:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: The BAU investigates if bullying may be the link between two high school students who are the sole survivors after both of their families are killed.
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Why Are the Survivors of Murdered Families the UnSub's Real Victims?

Life can be tough for teenagers who are bullied in high school, and that's the basis for Criminal Minds season 12 episode 5, "The Anti-Terrorism Squad." But when no one's doing anything about such horrifying incidents, one person takes matters into his own hands -- and goes too far.Meanwhile, Garcia tries to find the perfect gift for Roxy, because while she may not be completely Team Luke Alvez, she is Team Roxy (because, who wouldn't be?). Her first attempts are organic biscuits and a pink sweater, an... more

The Anti-Terrorism Squad

It's been what seems forever since there's been a new episode (thanks, World Series), and this is the prize? In Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 5, the BAU is off to Minnesota, the Land of a Thousand Lakes and one demented serial killer (if that's not redundant), to find out who is killing all members of a family but one. First off, flag on the play. There has to be more than one set of murders for there to be a serial killer, right? Or is it just any multiple body count to qualif... more



Our 5 Favorite Good Cops on TV

What makes a good cop? Someone you feel safe around? Someone who cares? Someone who thinks five steps ahead? From sitcom sheriffs to crime drama detectives, television is the home to some truly impressive boys (and girls) in blue who truly embody these traits. It's always great when we get to see a cop on TV who goes above and beyond the line of duty. From Criminal Minds to The Flash, certain officers continue to impress us ... more

'Criminal Minds' Showrunner Speaks out on Whether We'll Ever See Hotch Again

After Thomas Gibson's less-than-auspicious exit from Criminal Minds, the minds behind the show have been very tight-lipped about his departure. Outside of some very official and diplomatic comments regarding the physical altercation between Gibson and a producer that got the actor suspended and later fired from the show, not much has been said about the exit. Now i n a lengthy interview with TV Guide, Criminal Minds sho... more

Stephen Walker Takes on a New Case on 'Criminal Minds'

The investigators of Criminal Minds deal with misguided youths as well as sociopaths on a regular basis. The latest episode, "Seek and Destroy," had both. A young sociopath with some serious parental issues manipulated and controlled a gang of isolated and desperate people while on a killing rampage. Criminal Minds does not just deal with killers, but with team dynamics and the relationships that develop between the investi... more


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