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Episode Summary: The BAU team investigates a series of home invasions in upscale neighborhoods in San Diego involving casualties.
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Seek and Destroy RECAP and REVIEWS (2)

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  • Seek & Destroy

    Seek & Destroy

    What makes a family?

    That's the theme of Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 10.

    This isn't the first time this season that this topic has been tackled.

    In fact, Rossi offered a whole toast about it on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 6. Then there was Lewis' messed-up family on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 7.

    It's almost like the producers are trying to hammer home a message: "Yeah, Hotch and Morgan are gone. But these guys will grow on you if you give them a chance."

    Let's come back to that, and focus instead on a family that didn't work: The drug-driven misfits in the case of the week.

    The quintet that came together from bad circumstances and became a family unit would be admirable, if not, you know, for the fact that they're trashing homes and robbing and killing people. That's just frowned upon and is bound to attract the wrong kind of attention.

    That's the problem with...


  • A Gang is Manipulated By One of Its Own

    A Gang is Manipulated By One of Its Own Girls just want to have fun. And sometimes, a girl just wants to be part of a gang, rob some rich people and then bring that gang home to the parents so she can get her revenge, as is the case in this episode of Criminal Minds, "Seek and Destroy."
    Elsewhere in the episode, Stephen Walker continues to settle in to the BAU and uses his free time to catch up on Mr. Scratch, who has been quiet since terrorizing Tara and her family. But smarter men have tried to take down the team and failed, as Prentiss tells the newest team member.

    There's Fun and Then There's Murder
    At first, everything seems normal. There's some crazy partying going on in a house. Alcohol. Drugs. Hooking up. And then the really crazy stuff begins, as the gang of five -- two guys and three girls -- begins destroying the house: smashing windows, glasses and picture frames, spray painting the couch, writing on mirrors, etc. One of the guys mostly sits back and watches, until he goes into...



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