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Aired: Jan 11, 2017 , Wednesday at 21:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: The BAU team investigates a series of home invasions in upscale neighborhoods in San Diego involving casualties.
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Seek & Destroy

What makes a family? That's the theme of Criminal Minds Season 12 Episode 10. This isn't the first time this season that this topic has been tackled. In fact, Rossi offered a whole toast about it on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 6. Then there was Lewis' messed-up family on Criminal Minds Season 10 Episode 7. It's almost like the producers are trying to hammer home a message: "Yeah, Hotch and Morgan are gone. But these guys will grow on you if you give the... more

A Gang is Manipulated By One of Its Own

Girls just want to have fun. And sometimes, a girl just wants to be part of a gang, rob some rich people and then bring that gang home to the parents so she can get her revenge, as is the case in this episode of Criminal Minds, "Seek and Destroy."Elsewhere in the episode, Stephen Walker continues to settle in to the BAU and uses his free time to catch up on Mr. Scratch, who has been quiet since terrorizing Tara and her family. But smarter men have tried to take down the team and failed, as Prentiss tel... more



Shemar Moore Returning for the 'Criminal Minds' Season 12 Finale

After a season of new faces and trouble for remaining team members on Criminal Minds, they will be visited by a familiar face as they face off against Mr. Scratch, their season-long tormentor. According to CBS, Moore will return as fan-favorite Derek Morgan (in the present day) to present a lead to the team about their UnSub. The season 12 finale, airing Wednesday, May 10th at 9/8c on CBS, will (hopefully) wrap up the drawn-out battle between the Criminal Minds team and Mr. Scr... more

[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: The UnSub Gets off on Breaking Bones

This case is really going to hurt -- the UnSub's victims, that is, in Criminal Minds' "Assistance is Futile." The BAU is after an UnSub known as the bone crusher, and a mother steps forward with valuable information to aid in their investigation. Also, Reid has to adapt to a new set of rules in prison life. Watch the promo for "Assistance is Futile" to see more of Reid in prison and JJ visiting him: [YouTube=mNDq6rVfXrs] Check out a sneak peek of... more

Are Things About to Get Worse for Reid on 'Criminal Minds'?

Spencer Reid is in a bad way on Criminal Minds His mother's mental condition continues to decline, he is imprisoned for a murder he (probably) did not commit and apparently his troubles are just beginning. The current serialized Reid story has proved controversial and unpopular with some Criminal Minds fans but in an interview with TVLine showrunner Erica Messer teased the worst is yet to come. When asked if more


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