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Special Agents Jason Gideon and Aaron Hotchner head up the FBI's most elite profiling team - experts in analyzing criminal minds. Each team member has their specialty. There's Elle Greenaway, who has a background in sexual offences; Derek Morgan, who focuses on obsessional crimes; Special Agent Dr. Spencer Reid the smart-but-socially-challenged genius; and Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, more
... the rookie. With each mind-blowing case, they put their lives on the line as they match wits with the most ruthless criminals on earth.
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Criminal Minds: SEASON 13, EPISODE 4: Killer App | TVBuzer

Aired: October 18,2017

The BAU investigates a workplace shooting committed by a state-of-the-art drone in Silicon Valley.... more

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The Number 372 Haunts a Drone-Obsessed Unsub

In season 13 episode 4 of Criminal Minds, titled, "Killer App," the BAU travels to California to help investigate a workplace shooting. They soon realize, however, that this is no ordinary shooting. Rather, this crime was not executed physically by an unsub, instead, it was carried out by a drone. The team must rush to find out who's behind the tech before it's too late.A Shooting in Silicon ValleyThe episode begins with a hip tech company in Silicon Valley. All of a sudden, sho... more

Killer App

The narrow margin between video games and modern warfare was effectively explored on Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 4. Someone was selectively killing workers in Silicon Valley, but the how and the why were the interesting parts. It was jarring when gunfire suddenly shattered the idyllic, creative work life of Silicon Valley, not once, but twice. This case wasn't a natural fit for the BAU, but in the end, it was still all about the unsub. Why was ... more

Blue Angel

If you've got a new character, why not show him off? It was a spotlight episode for Matt Simmons on Criminal Minds Season 13 Episode 3. The Simmons family seemed to like having Matt home more because of his new job, especially his wife, Kristy. Although, frankly, they're not going to get much alone time with those four cute children running around. A sadistic unsub carving up successful businessmen took Matt back to his initial stomping grounds, Det... more



Criminal Minds: [WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: The BAU Investigates a Workplace Shooting in Silicon Valley News | TVBuzer

[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: The BAU Investigates a Workplace Shooting in Silicon Valley

Homeland Security calls in the BAU in this Criminal Minds season 13 episode to investigate a workplace shooting in Silicon Valley -- committed by a state-of-the-art drone? A military drone is at the center of the case in the episode 4 "Killer App" promo: [YouTube=S2qsGlhs9BE] Seven people are dead, but who's behind the drone? Watch a sneak peek of the case: [YouTube=PpGMDwR_UfI] When the BAU is first called... more

Criminal Minds: Shemar Moore Returning to 'Criminal Minds' for Season 13 News | TVBuzer

Shemar Moore Returning to 'Criminal Minds' for Season 13

Derek Morgan is coming back to Criminal Minds ... again. Unsurprisingly (but unfortunately) it'll be another short stay. CBS has announced that Shemar Moore will guest star during  Criminal Minds season 13, a week ahead of the premiere his new series, S.W.A.T., on CBS. Morgan won't be back ... more

Criminal Minds: [WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: Garcia Finds a Love Connection Between the Victims News | TVBuzer

[WATCH] 'Criminal Minds' Sneak Peek: Garcia Finds a Love Connection Between the Victims

The BAU heads to Detroit in this Criminal Minds episode to investigate when successful businessmen are targeted by an anger-driven, power-assertive UnSub. But how is the UnSub finding these victims? And what will the "ultimate twist" teased in the promo be? Watch the promo for "Blue Angel": [YouTube=9LYsDSTHoj0] See what connects the victims: [YouTube=-gRM-cskVT0] Based on what they know about the crime scenes, it looks like the... more


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