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Set in the near future, Los Angeles has been walled-off and isolated by a mysterious occupying force. “Colony” centers on a family torn by opposing forces, struggling to balance difficult decisions to stay together while trying to survive in the new world order. While some people choose to collaborate with the authorities and benefit from the occupation, others rebel and suffe more
...r the consequences. Former FBI agent Will Bowman has a more complicated role: he's being forced to collaborate with the proxy government in order to protect his family and recover his son, who was separated during the initial invasion.
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Colony: SEASON 2, EPISODE 11: Lost Boy | TVBuzer

Aired: March 23,2017

Five different points of view show the attack on the Green Zone.... more



Lost Boy

Now THAT was an ending. For some reason, that ending didn't even cross my mind while watching Colony Season 2 Episode 11, but now I fear for the lives of Will, Katie, Gracie and Charlie. A "Lost Boy" with that much emptiness in his eyes won't have much care for his blood relatives in the long run. He's on a new, exciting path. At this point in the story, I don't even know where I stand anymore. Everything has become so confusing. Not confusing as to... more

The Garden of Beasts

There were some tense moments on Colony Season 2 Episode 10, but for the most part, it was easy to determine their outcome. Even so, we're dealing with situations that are building to what is sure to be a mind-blowing finale, and I'm getting antsy for renewal news. By the end of "The Garden of Beasts" I could only imagine Maddie wondering if she chose the right side of her family for security, as well as the "where did we go wrong" thoughts running through Will and Katie's min... more

Somewhere Out There

Does anybody really know what's going on? One thing I know for sure after watching Colony Season 2 Episode 2 is that we're a touch away from reuniting four of the Bowmans again. But not the four we've gotten to know as a unit. The elusive Charlie and daddy Will have finally been reunited, but with Bram slaving away in a labor camp, the Bowmans will still be one shy of a full load. Other than that? Alien filled sky is the limit! The extended family unit is sti... more



Colony: 'Colony' Interview: Which Resistance Can Be Trusted? News | TVBuzer

'Colony' Interview: Which Resistance Can Be Trusted?

It's time for the ordinary folks of occupied Los Angeles to slip on their galoshes; Colony is wading into murky waters. The resistance is picking up speed, and the line between freedom fighters and terrorists is starting to blur. No matter what the stakes, there is always someone, somewhere who is willing to risk life and limb in defense of freedom. It's true for the victims of dictatorships throughout history, and it's true for the humans suffering the extraterrestrial whims... more

Colony: 'Colony' Recap: Katie and Will Get Their First Assignments News | TVBuzer

'Colony' Recap: Katie and Will Get Their First Assignments

On this episode of Colony, "A Brave New World," Will starts his new job and discovers that Snyder wasn't entirely forthcoming about the position while his wife, Katie, gets in deeper with the Resistance. It's the dawn of a new day for the Bowman family as Will is about to start his new job, and Katie reopens the Yonk and steps up her work as a member of the Resistance. Will has a shiny new car in the driveway, which is a dead giveaway to the neighbors that something is up, but si... more

Colony: 'Colony' Series Premiere Recap: The Sullivan's Are Caught in an Unwinnable Situation News | TVBuzer

'Colony' Series Premiere Recap: The Sullivan's Are Caught in an Unwinnable Situation

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about USA's new series Colony. It's their biggest series launch since the stellar Mr. Robot. It stars Josh Holloway from Lost and Sarah Wayne Callies from more




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