Celebrity Big Brother

Aired: Jan 11, 2017 , Weekdays at 21:00 on Channel 5

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Episode Summary: The ups and downs of life in the Big Brother House, as the friendships and alliances are made, battle lines are drawn and arguments erupt.
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'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Who Won the First Power of Veto?

Celebrity Big Brother hasn't premiered yet, but for the second time, CBS gave the live feeders a sneak peek and what's happening inside the house. The celebrity HGs moved in on Wednesday and on Monday at 6pm PT, the feeds turned on for 15 minutes to let fans see how things are going. And based on what we saw this time, the first Power of Veto competition has already been played and it the game as a whole is starting to take shape. The First Pow... more

'Celebrity Big Brother' Cast Gets the Red Carpet Treatment for Move-In Day

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Wednesday, February 7, but the houseguests actually moved in one week earlier. CBS released a photo of the 11 celebrities right before moving into the house, and they definitely got the star treatment. While normal seasons have the HGs in a big group standing next to host Julie Chen, the celebrities received a red carpet and a velvet rope, treating them like stars. It's unclear if this photo represents the actual order they ... more

'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Who's Aligned in the House?

Celebrity Big Brother doesn't premiere until Wednesday, February 7, but CBS is giving fans a sneak peek at the action inside the house. The live feeds were turned on for about 15 minutes on Friday, giving viewers a look at what's happening and who seems to be aligned with who. The feeds turned on starting at 2pm PT for about 15 minutes and there was some fascinating game conversations going on. First, all 11 HGs appeared on the feeds, so no one was evicted on the f... more




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