Celebrity Big Brother

Aired: Jan 11, 2017 , Weekdays at 21:00 on Channel 5

Between Seasons

Episode Summary: The ups and downs of life in the Big Brother House, as the friendships and alliances are made, battle lines are drawn and arguments erupt.
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Will Frankie Grande Be on 'Celebrity Big Brother' in the UK?

The U.K. is about to shine bright like a Frankie. Celebrity Big Brother will return for season 18 on Thursday, July 28 across the pond, two days after the country's current season ends. A list of rumored housemates who will compete has been released , and it includes Ariana Grande's half-brother and Big Brother 16 contestant Frankie Grande. The rumor definitely has merit since Frankie is currently in London, based on his Twitter account. Y... more

Celebrity Big Brother coming soon on Channel 5

Hot on the heels of Big Brother, Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 this summer. Join Emma Willis at the live launch to see which celebrities will enter the doors... The BB House has been given a glamorous make-over for our brand new celebrity Housemates, but they shouldn’t make themselves too much at home, because despite the shiny new look of the house they must remember, all that glitters is not gold! The identities of the Housemates are top secret, but we can confirm there... more

Celebrity Big Brother - First Celebrity Evicted

The first celebrity contestant from the current series of Celebrity Big Brother has just been evicted from the house by host Emma Willis . Chris, Daniel, Farrah, Janice, Jenna, Steve and Chloe Jasmine faced the public vote with Daniel Baldwin becoming the first celebrity to leave theUK vs. USA house after receiving the lowest amount of votes. more




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