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Episode Summary: When Castle and Beckett discover that the victim of a building fire was actually shot to death, they get on the trail of a serial arsonist turned murderer. Meanwhile, Ryan's wife, Jenny, goes into labor, but disaster threatens to ruin the joyous moment.
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Under Fire

Jenny calls Beckett looking for Kevin. Beckett is at the scene of a fire and asks Jenny to remain calm because something has happened. Twelve hours earlier, Castle and Kevin investigate a crime scene at a burned out building. Kevin receives a call from Jenny testing out their phone system. Jenny is three days past her due date and is ready to go at any time. Mark Kimball, a safety investigator, warns them to exit the building as quick as they can because of structural damage. Parish explains that the death... more

To Jav or Javi Not

Usually when I watch a show I review, I take a lot of notes during the hour. But something happened during Castle Season 6 Episode 11. I stopped writing about half way through because I couldn't take my eyes from the screen. "Under Fire" became just that intense as Esposito and Ryan fought for their lives, trapped in a secret sub-basement of a warehouse being engulfed in flames. The explosive that started the inferno was massive. For a show that h... more

Burning Up for You, Baby

You know an episode means business when its opening scene is followed by the ominous "12 HOURS EARLIER" frame. This week's episode of Castle, "Under Fire," is no different. It opens with a scene of fiery chaos and Ryan's very pregnant wife, Jenny, about to hear some bad news before cutting away to a building that was very recently the scene of fiery chaos. They find the corpse of a man who was killed by a bullet and it wasn't arson, but don't spend too much time worrying about that because this guy's untimel... more



Best 'Castle' Quotes from 'Dead Again'

Castle season 8 episode 19 "Dead Again" sees Rick meet either the luckiest man alive or a real-life superhero when Alan, a safety inspector, survives being poisoned, electrocuted and shot in the head. Meanwhile, Beckett gets a big lead in her LokSat investigation, courtesy of Caleb Brown. Here are the best quotes from "Dead Again." "And now it's creepy." more

Best 'Castle' Quotes from 'Backstabber'

Hayley's past comes back in Castle season 8 episode 18, "Backstabber." Not only does she end up possibly facing jail time when she's framed for a terror attack, but she also discovers that her former MI-6 partner is actually alive -- and behind the entire thing. Here are the best quotes from "Backstabber." "Why do I feel like a murder j... more

The 'Castle' Cast Reacts to Stana Katic and Tamala Jones Leaving the Show

Following the news of Stana Katic and Tamala Jones' shocking exit on Castle, fans have expressed feelings of anger, hurt and sadness on social media. But it looks like viewers aren't the only ones who are enraged by the unexpected turn of events. The cast and crew, who are just as surprised as fans, also took to Twitter to vent out their frustrations. more


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