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Abdullah Saeed throws elaborate cannabis dinner parties with notable chefs preparing multi-course infused meals.
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Bong Appetit Episode Guide | TVBuzer

Bong Appetit Episode Guide


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AIRED ON April 26,2017

Season 2: Episode 2


  • Season 2
  • Season 1
    • 02/15/17
      In the first-season finale, Abdullah travels to Joshua Tree National Park, where chef Jake Francis cooks infused-pork dishes over an open fl...
    • 02/08/17
      Abdullah enlists an experienced cannabis chef to cook up a weed-infused Kamayan Feast....
    • Ganja Grandma
      Episode 8
      Abdullah heads to Northern California and reunites with world famous ganja grandma, Nonna. They prepare a cannabis dinner full of classic in...
    • Kimchi + Kush
      Episode 7
      Abdullah invites innovative Korean chef Deuki Hong to raid the weed pantry and make keef-breaded chicken wings and infused kimchi-Spam stew....
    • 01/18/17
      Abdullah hosts a murder-mystery-masquerade dinner with chef Courtney McBroom preparing marijuana-infused New Orleans cuisine and Vanessa mak...
    • 01/11/17
      Chef Taylor Persh makes cannabis-infused steak tartare and creampuffs....
    • 01/04/17
      For Abdullah's birthday, Ry and Vanessa throw a Bedouin-themed party and help chef Deb Mikhail stuff entire flame-roasted chickens with weed...
    • 12/28/16
      Abdullah throws a cannabis fiesta with Wes Avila, owner of LA's favorite taco truck, with three weed-infused tacos and a marijuana agua fres...
    • 12/21/16
      Abdullah and his team put weed into a variety of classic holiday eats, make a triple-infused holiday popcorn tin, and smoke a giant blunt sh...
    • 12/14/16
      Abdullah learns to make high-end hash and invites chef Marcel Vigneron to prepare cannabutter-basted beef cheek, weed-smoked tuna, and potle...
  • Special
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