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Jane Doe is found in Times Square with no memory and mysterious tattoos on her body.
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Blindspot: SEASON 3, EPISODE 22: In Memory | TVBuzer

Aired: May 18,2018

Jane and Weller hunt Roman back to where it all started and attempt to stop him.... more

Blindspot LATEST REVIEWS | TVBuzer


Fix My Present Havoc

On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 7 our favorite team rallies together to solve the tattoo that got Stuart killed and we find out just how dark and twisted Hirst really is. If confirmation that Hirst was dirty caught you by surprise on Blindpsot Season 3 Episode 6, you were in for a rude awakening this hour. It's certainly within the realm of believability that a director of the FBI could be prone to manipulation and blackmail, but the ease with which Hirst turned to violen... more

Adoring Suspect

On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 6 the team takes down a major weapons trafficker and terrorist mastermind with the help of a local movie star and his biggest fangirl: Rich Dotcom. Episodes of Blindspot that feature the charismatic buffoon Rich Dotcom are my absolute favorite. Whenever he's on screen, you can be sure that there's going to be some quality one-liners and huge comic relief. This hour was particularly fun as the team had to enter the world of Hollywood movie-m... more

This Profound Legacy

On Blindspot Season 3 Episode 5 Jane faces the reality of having a child, Patterson and Zapata team up, and more than one major secret is revealed! It was certainly fitting that the case of the week revolved around a bloodline and a teenager's connection to his parents, as Jane struggled with the news of her daughter's existence. Watching the amount of pain that Jane was suffering for how she had forgotten her own child and the blame that she put on herself was truly he... more



Blindspot: 'Blindspot' Interview: Luke Mitchell Teases Roman is 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' News | TVBuzer

'Blindspot' Interview: Luke Mitchell Teases Roman is 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place'

After the debacle in Croatia, Roman has thrown his plan out the window and is now moving in an entirely new direction on Blindspot. Instead of helping Jane and the FBI team bring down Crawford, Roman's following his former target's orders to kill them instead.  TVBuz caught up with Luke Mitchell for insight into what drove Roman into his change of heart, Roman's state of mind and whether Roman is able to kill his sister or not. Check back next week for a follow-up after th... more

Blindspot: BLINDSPOT Season 3 Episode 12 Photos Two Legendary Chums News | TVBuzer

BLINDSPOT Season 3 Episode 12 Photos Two Legendary Chums

Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and his former FBI partner reunite for a dangerous undercover mission while Zapata (Audrey Esparza) interrogates a past foe. Also starring Jaimie Alexander (Jane Doe), Rob Brown (Edgar Reade), Ashley Johnson (Patterson) and Luke Mitchell (Roman). Featuring special guest star David Morse (Hank Crawford) and guest starring Kristina Reyes (Avery), Anthony Lemke (Victor), Darren Goldstein (Don Shipley), Chance Kelly (Bresden), America Olivo (Ameni), Medina Senghore (Agent MacKenzie) and Mary Stuart Masterson (Eleanor Hirst) BLINDSPOT Sea... more

Blindspot: BLINDSPOT Season 3 Episode 11 Photos Technology Wizards News | TVBuzer

BLINDSPOT Season 3 Episode 11 Photos Technology Wizards

While Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) partner with a mysterious man from Jane’s past to find a missing person, the team races to stop an arms deal. Also starring Rob Brown (Edgar Reade), Audrey Esparza (Tasha Zapata), Ashley Johnson (Patterson) and Luke Mitchell (Roman). Guest starring Ennis Esmer (Rich Dotcom), Josh Dean (Boston Arliss Crab), Kristina Reyes (Avery), Sanjit de Silva (Sanjay), Andrew Long (Max), John Patrick Hayden (Johnny Sheridan), Steve Kazee (Clem) and Patrick Brana (TJ) BLINDSPOT Season 3 Episode 11 Photos Tech... more


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