Black Lightning

Aired: Mar 13, 2018 , Tuesday at 21:00 on The CW

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Episode Summary: Black Lightning works with Anissa to help find information to clear Black Lightning's name. Jennifer begins interning for Lynn. Meanwhile, Gambi finds himself in a precarious situation.
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Gambi's Secrets Finally Come Out

We've been waiting months to find out Gambi's secrets. And the truth finally comes out during this episode of Black Lightning, titled "The Book of Revelations." He worked for the ASA to find people with powers but claims he's always tried to protect Jefferson. Now the question is, can Jefferson still trust him?This episode begins with Jefferson training Anissa while people on the news complain about Black Lightning and condemn him for killing Lady Eve, which we know he didn't do. Jefferson has to teach An... more

The Book of Revelations

Was that the insight we needed to take this show more seriously? Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 8 finally revealed the truth about Gambi, and it was about time. If you watch Black Lightning online, you will already know that his true allegiance has been in question. That is all thanks to him telling Jefferson things on a need to know basis. Whether he's been having secret meetings with Lady Eve or heading out on missions without Jefferson knowing, it's been painful t... more



Why Jennifer Shouldn't Suit up for 'Black Lightning' Season 2

In the final monologue of Black Lightning season 1, it became clear that after saving both her mother's and father's lives, Jennifer sees her powers similarly to Anissa, "as a blessing from God." She's spent episodes denying her abilities and how her life has changed, but it looks like Jennifer is really to embrace her powers and become Lightning. However, suiting up as her superhero alter ego shouldn't happen on Black Lightning season 2. Time for Growth The biggest reason Jennifer sh... more

Can Khalil Be Redeemed in 'Black Lightning' Season 2?

Black Lightning season 1 was a story of transformation. Jefferson stepped back into the mantle of the hero after a long absence. Jennifer and Anissa discovered and embraced their powers, to varying degrees. Lynn and Jefferson found their way back together. However, the biggest change to any character in Black Lightning happened with Khalil Payne. Khalil began more

What Is Tobias' Plan for 'Black Lightning' Season 2?

Black Lightning season 1 ended in a unique circumstance. The villain won. Although Martin Proctor was killed, at the hands of Gambi, he was always a temporary antagonist for Black Lightning and its core characters. Tobias Whale has always been the real threat of the series and in the finale, he had a happier ending than Jefferson and his family, getting everything he ever wanted. Tobias finally has his "seat at the table,... more


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