Black Lightning

Aired: Feb 13, 2018 , Tuesday at 21:00 on The CW

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Episode Summary: An unexpected phone call unearths the long-buried need for Jefferson to investigate the murder of his father. Meanwhile, Annisa wrestles with the fact that her actions have dire consequences. Lastly, Jennifer learns the importance of controlling her temper - in all situations.
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And Then the Devil Brought the Plague

How long will it take for Anissa to swoop in and give Black Lightning a rest? That thought crossed my mind several times while watching Black Lightning Season 1 Episode 5, which found the titular hero struggling with the drawbacks of being a superhero.  We already know that this isn't Jefferson's first rodeo, but he needs to stop and take a long hard look at himself and establish some ground rules to stay healthy.  We don't know all the details about what really happ... more



4 Reasons Anissa Is the Character to Watch on 'Black Lightning'

Though Black Lightning focuses primarily on Jefferson Pierce (AKA Black Lightning) and his fight to make Freeland a better place for all, his daughter Anissa is shaping up to be the standout character of the show. Anissa's just beginning her superhero journey (and we're seeing her mistakes, too, like her disaster of a first superhero outfit), but it's her character without powers that's transforming her into a superhero different from the rest of them. She's Relatable Anissa is the superher... more

Tobias Whale on 'Black Lightning' Is Becoming the Scariest Villain on TV

There's no scarcity of villains on TV. Whether they're found in the more outlandish comic book shows like Arrow and The Walking Dead or (slightly) more grounded stories like Scandal, villains are all over TV.  Yet in a very short time Black Lightning's Tobias Whale has made ... more

'Black Lightning' Episode 6 Photos: Jefferson Looks for Justice

Every member of the Pierce family is on their own journey on Black Lightning. In the sixth episode, which airs Tuesday, February 27 at 9/8c on the CW, they will each face their own issues. In "Three Sevens: The Book of Greenlight," Jefferson continues to hunt down his father's killer, Anissa is using her powers, Jennifer has some high school drama of her own and Gambi needs some help from Lynn. Here's the official episode synopsis, followed by photos from th... more


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