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Aired: Aug 03, 2017 , Wednesday at 20:00 on CBS

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Episode Summary: Will Jess go through with her plan to cut Cody or will she let love prevail and use the Halting Hex? Plus, call your friends because it's going to be a crazy night on Big Brother
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'Big Brother 19' Spoilers: Who Won the Week 8 Power of Veto?

The slow march to the finale of Big Brother 19 has begun after the double eviction. With the house seemingly unified, it's hard to imagine a scenario where Paul doesn't win. Will this week change anything or keep the status quo? Christmas is the new HoH. She nominated Matt and Jason. Mark, Paul and Raven were also picked to play. Christmas was once again ineligible to compete. Jason won the Power of Veto! Yet again, the rest of the week is boring and predictab... more

3 Ways 'Big Brother 19' Can Turn It Around

Big Brother 19 hasn't been without its moments. Kevin has been a gift and Cody's (second) exit is one the best the show has ever seen. But tor the most part, the long-running reality competition has hit a bit of a snag in its 19th iteration. Rather than the usual back and forth that makes Big Brother so much fun, BB19 has told one story of one mission for the entire house. Jury has arrived and there's been WAY too many unanimous evictions. It's boring. A... more

Why Cody Was the Best Terrible Player in 'Big Brother' History

Cody Nickson was pretty much doomed from the start of Big Brother 19. Despite winning that first Head of Household, Cody went mad with power. Cody betrayed his entire alliance within the first week and went from the leader of the pack to the bottom of the totem pole. The Battleback might've given Cody a second lease on life but it was always on borrowed time. Cody, quite simply, couldn't play Big Brother Cody's the completely wrong person to win the game but that didn't stop him from becoming one of the most entertaining houseguests of ... more


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