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Genre: Family / Reality

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“Big Brother” is where complete strangers enter into the same house, where they must live without any direct contact to the outside world. They do not have access to a TV, radio, computer, phones, newspapers or any other outside contact whatsoever. There are weekly tasks in which the housemates must wager how much of their weekly shopping budget, in which if they win, they get more
... more money, if they lose, they are on very limited food for the rest of the week. “Big Brother Brasil” (yes they do spell it with an "S" and nota "Z" for some strange reason) is the biggest reality TV show in the country and is one of the most popular talked-about shows in Brazilian TV history. This reality series is a competition between housemates with the object being to be the last remaining contestant in the House. Every week a minimum of one housemate must leave the house. Two contestants/players are selected to be put up on the chopping block each week. One is nominated by the HOH (Head of Household) the second is selected by secret vote on Sunday nights by a vote of the remaining contestants. This secret vote or selection for a second person to be put on the chopping block is made in what they call a Confessionary. The HOH in Brazil’s version of “Big Brother” is called the Leader and the show also has another person who is called the Angel. Sometimes the Leader is a single person and sometimes they are a couple. The Angel can protect one houseguest from being voted out but they cannot protect themselves. All the contestants compete in an estalecas task, which is the currency used in the house. The winner has estalecas added to a credit card they each are given at the beginning of each season to use to buy food, personal items or items for the house as a whole. After it is disclosed who the 2nd contestant is to be put on the chopping block with the Leader’s choice the 2 compete in an elimination match. The home audience then begins voting on one of the 2 contestants up for elimination via the phone, SMS (Text messaging on their cell phone) or via the Internet. On most Tuesdays the person with the most voice by the home audience is revealed and is eliminated from the house. The first season of the series began on 29 January 2002 with 12 contestants, it aired over a period of 64 days and ended on 2 April 2002. They had 2 hosts the first season only in Pedro Bial and Marisa Orth whom is rumored to have quit the show which made Pedro host alone from season 2 on. Season 7 of “Big Brother Brasil” will begin airing in January 2007.
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