Aired: Nov 16, 2017 , Thursday at 21:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: As Slade continues to uncover clues about his son's last few years, Oliver makes a big decision. Meanwhile, the Green Arrow leads the team into battle against "The Dragon," a villain who is stealing valuable tech in Star City.
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Slade Wilson Faces His Biggest Threat Yet, His Own Son

Arrow continues their two-part Deathstroke arc in this episode entitled "Promises Kept." Just like the previous installment, Arrow splits its time equally between Slade and Oliver's adventures and Team Arrow in Star City. Yet "Promises Kept" takes a much more Deathstroke-centered approach than "Deathstroke Returns" and really offers a look at what Arrow would look like if it Slade Wilson was the lead character and not Oliver Queen. That look is dark and bloody but is still a tremendous amount o... more

Promises Kept

After an intense Arrow Season 6 Episode 5, the latest chapter of Arrow deals with the aftermath of the reunion between Slade and Joe Wilson.  But Team Arrow have their plate full in Arrow Season 6 Episode 6 with the debut of Ricardo Diaz a.k.a. the Dragon. I was satisfied with the first part of this intense Deathstroke storyline. Did part two manage to wrap up this story nicely? Yes, but also a little bit no. It is rare for Arrow when the flashbacks are equally as g... more



Best 'Arrow' Quotes from 'Deathstroke Returns'

Slade enlisted Oliver's help to find his son in Arrow's "Deathstroke Returns," but he was in for a surprise when he finally tracked him down. Meanwhile, back in Star City, Vigilante's identity was finally revealed, and it should have been no surprise that it was someone thought to be dead. Here are the best quotes from "Deathstroke Returns." "Slade invited you on a romantic getaway?" Felicity: "Slade invited you on a romanti... more

Will Joe Awaken Deathstroke's Villainous Side? 'Arrow' Star Explains

When Stephen Amell promised every  Arrow character would battle their own villain in season 6, we didn't realize that applied to Deathstroke as well. Slade Wilson's son followed in his father's footsteps in more ways than one. Thirteen years have come and gone since Slade (Manu Bennett) first heard of Lian Yu, and in that time, Joe Wilson (Liam Hall) grew from an innocent teen to the leader of a criminal undergr... more

Who Was the Biggest 'Arrow' Hero in 'Deathstroke Returns'?

With Slade Wilson back on the scene in Arrow, there are plenty of opportunities for heroism in "Deathstroke Returns." It's not just Oliver and Slade, however, who act courageously -- Dinah saves more than her share of the day as well. Who is the biggest hero of all? Oliver As always, Oliver Queen is a brave guy who takes on the world's challenges. He is a little less effective than usual in "Deathstroke Returns," though. Oliver does play the part of t... more


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