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Episode Summary: Black Siren returns to help Chase. Felicity organizes a birthday party for Oliver while Lance is furious after Rene misses the custody hearing for his daughter.
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Chase Gives Oliver the Worst Birthday Present Ever

It's Oliver's birthday, Chase is behind bars, Olicity has decided to slowly get back together and it seems like that Arrow is in its happiest place since ... maybe forever. The only hang-up is that there are two episodes left in this season and in this penultimate installment of season, entitled "Missing," everything falls apart. Prometheus might be behind bars but his reach is long. With the help of Chase's dark counterpoint to Team Arrow nearly all of Oliver's allies are rounded up and captured. "Missing" ... more


That was a twist-filled affair that left me dying for more.  Black Siren made her highly anticipated return on Arrow Season 5 Episode 22 which was a welcome return to form for the series.  Who would have guessed having Team Arrow kidnapped one-by-one would make for such an exhilarating hour of this CW drama series? Okay. Let's get to it. We have a lot to discuss starting with Adrian. That dude has to be one of the smuggest characters on TV, like, ever.  ... more



'Arrow': Can Oliver and Diggle's Friendship Be Fixed After Their Latest Fight?

Oliver and Diggle have had their fights before on Arrow -- John has even left the team, and their problems haven't always been fixed in one episode -- but this time it's different. As Oliver himself said, he's not sure that they've been through worse and when you factor in some of the harsh things Diggle has said in episodes 17 and 18, this isn't going to have an easy fix.   What started out as a fight about who's the Green Arrow (which Oliver called "out of c... more

'Arrow' Season 6 Has Failed to Show Ricardo Diaz as a Serious Threat

Arrow had a very strong big bad in Adrian Chase in season 5, and it has followed that up with ... Ricardo Diaz in season 6? He's a different kind of villain from Chase (and that's not a bad thing), but the show has failed to establish him as a serious threat from the beginning. The big surprise moment involving Cayden James was messy, and that has extended to his plans for Star City and Oliver Queen and the overall impression of him.   That looks to be changing going into "Th... more

A Solo Oliver Queen Is Exactly What 'Arrow' Needs Right Now

And then there was one. Last week we claimed Adrien Chase (Josh Segarra) had won a posthumous victory over the Green Arrow. Little did we know, our hero's subconscious agreed. Diggle (David Ramsey) reminded Oliver (Stephen Amell) that he leaves a trail of bodies wherever he goes, and those words cut deeper than any knife. They plagued Oliver's Vertigo-induced hallucinations during "Fundamentals", and it led him to one inevitable conclusion -- it's time to go back to basics. When Oliver arrived in Star City six years ago, he wa... more


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