Aired: May 10, 2017 , Thursday at 21:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Oliver returns to the mayor's office and faces one of his most pressing issues yet - the forced release of dozens of violent criminals prosecuted by Adrian Chase. Meanwhile, a crate is delivered to Oliver's office containing a mysterious corpse encased in concrete.
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Oliver Learns a Shocking Truth About His Father

The most diehard of Arrow fans might recognize the title for this episode, "Honor Thy Fathers." This is because it is only one letter off from the second episode of Arrow ever, "Honor Thy Father." That's right, Arrow season 5 is hearkening back to the early days of the show so much that they are now just stealing episode titles. "Honor Thy Fathers" is much more than its lazy title would suggest. The connection to the season 1 episode is also very much intentional as thanks to Chase, Oliver is o... more

Honor Thy Fathers

The Queen family sure has a lot of secrets.  On Arrow Season 5 Episode 21, a mummified corpse appeared at Oliver's office, and it immediately set the stage for a fast-paced hour of this hit CW series.  Going into the episode, I had no clue it was going to feature Robert Queen, but I'm glad it did. With a string of past characters set to appear on Arrow Season 5 Episode 23, it made sense to start off the Lian Yu plot again.  Having Thea along for the ride to find out ... more



Why 'Arrow' Should Focus More on the New Team

The rupture of Oliver's team on Arrow has created two separate teams that are fighting to save Star City: Original Team Arrow and New Team Arrow (as they like to refer to themselves.) Though they have continued to work together in the episodes following the split because of Cayden's plan to bomb the city, we don't know why Dinah, Curtis and Rene have continued to live their vigilante double lives outside of Oliver's team and why it means so much to them. Trust Issues The newbies parted ways fro... more

Who Was the Biggest 'Arrow' Hero in 'The Devil's Greatest Trick'?

While Arrow clearly identifies the worst villain of the episode -- and the whole season -- in "The Devil's Greatest Trick," finding the biggest hero may be a little more complicated. Brave acts, after all, abound as Cayden James' plot comes to an end. Oliver "The Devil's Greatest Trick" is one of those episodes that reminds us just why the show is named after the Green Arrow. Oliver is quite busy throughout, saving the city, his friends, his son a... more

'Arrow' Is Looking for Redemption in All the Wrong Places

Unpopular opinion: Black Siren does not need, nor deserve, redemption. In fact, Arrow's attempts to force morality upon the Earth-2 villain is making poor Quentin Lance look more than a little unhinged. The theme of season 6 is family, and with that in mind, it's no surprise Arrow writers have provided viewers with a grieving father willing enough to suspend disbelief if it means reconnecting with his eldest daughter. We can't even begin to imagine the pain of losing a child, ... more


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