Aired: Apr 26, 2017 , Wednesday at 20:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: Oliver, Team Arrow, ARGUS and the SCPD kick off a citywide manhunt for Adrian Chase. Helix tells Felicity they have a way to find Chase but they will need something big, and illegal, from her in return.
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Team Arrow Has To Fight ... Felicity?

Adrian Chase is a known serial killer after the epsiode "Disbanded," but Team Arrow is no closer to finding him. Chase has been off the map since his identity was revealed by Team Arrow and there is no hope or way of tracking him down. However, Chase doesn't need to be around to cause mayhem for Team Arrow as a conflict explodes within the team's ranks during the search for the villain. In this episode entitled "Dangerous Liaisons," Felicity's partnership with Helix reaches its climax as it puts her up directly aga... more

Dangerous Liaisons

The cracks are really starting to show amongst the members of Team Arrow.  That much was all but confirmed on Arrow Season 5 Episode 19 when Felicity sided with Helix in her quest to save the world from the wicked Adrian Chase.  Here's the thing: I don't trust Alena one bit. The way she was giving Felicity information on a need-to-know basis made me think the worst of her.  Now, that's not to say I expected her to tell Felicity her deepest, darkest secrets, but Feli... more



'Arrow' Poll: Is Black Canary or Black Siren Better for the Series?

With the announcement that Katie Cassidy would be returning to Arrow season 6 as Black Siren, we're sent back mentally to season 4 when our version, the Earth-1 version, of Laurel Lance was killed by Damien Darhk. We grew to love that Laurel over four seasons, while this new incarnation from Earth-2 has only appeared as a villain on Arrow and The Flash, even impersonating the original Laurel in the mid-season premiere of Arrow to trick Team Arrow for Prometheus.... more

Should 'Arrow' Drop the Black Canary Mantle?

After Laurel Lance's unexpected death in Arrow season 4, we found out her last request to Oliver was for her to not be the last Black Canary. After all, she technically inherited the mantle from Sara, who went by the Canary, after she died, so keeping the mantle going isn't out of the blue for this series. And with a Green Arrow show, having a Black Canary is generally really important, but is it time for Arrow to call it quits on trying to live up to the comics? The Black Canary doesn't fit on this series unless it's Dinah Lau... more

'Arrow' Promotes 2 Team Members to Series Regulars for Season 6

Team Arrow is sticking together for the foreseeable future. The CW has announced that Rick Gonzalez and Juliana Harkavy have been promoted to series regular for the upcoming sixth season of Arrow. Gonzalez and Harkavy play Rene Ramirez (Wild Dog) and Dinah Drake (the new Black Canary), who both joined Oliver's new team of vigilantes this season. The promotions suggest that the team will stick together and continue to be a major part of season 6. The two join previously an... more


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