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Episode Summary: Prometheus goes to great lengths to break Oliver. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Anatoly becomes worried about Oliver's increasingly violent tendencies, which come to a head in a brutal confrontation.
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Oliver Embraces His Inner Monster to Take Down Kovar

In the previous episode, "Checkmate," Prometheus basically won the season by kidnapping Oliver and trapping him in his torture basement. An entire episode of Oliver being literally tortured could have been figurative torture, so fortunately, "Kapiushon" doesn't give us 40 plus minutes of Arrow misery. Instead, they give us a story that is primarily in flashbacks. It's a lot better than that might sound and in fact, "Kapiushon" might actually fix the season's flashback issues.Die Hard Russian(s) more


It looks like Adrian got what he wanted and broke Oliver Queen. On Arrow Season 5 Episode 17, Chase continued his crazy tactics to get Oliver to confess to being a murderer, but it took a lot of time.  It took a fake death to make him crack, and it was pretty dumb. Throwing Artemis into an apparent fight with Oliver made it seem like there was a redemption arc coming for her, but no one would ever believe she was actually a good person.  If Adrian did not give a damn ... more



'Arrow': 7 Times It Was Obvious Diggle's Hiding Something from the Team in the Season 6 Premiere

After Lian Yu exploded with pretty much everyone on it, the question for the Arrow season 6 premiere was who survived. However, that was revealed pretty quickly to be almost everyone, though that doesn't mean that those who made it off the island alive weren't affected by what happened, even months later. Here are seven signs that Diggle's hiding something after the island explosion. Diggle Was Running from the Bombs When They Went Off more

Who Was the Biggest Hero in the 'Arrow' Season 6 Premiere?

Arrow always has its heroes, and lots of them. The biggest question from any episode, therefore, is which character acted most heroically. In the Arrow season 6 premiere, "Fallout," there are several contenders. Big Heroes Oliver Obviously, Oliver Queen needs to make the hero list. The show is named for his character, after all, and Oliver rarely fails to fight... more

'Arrow' Season 6: How Will Oliver Handle That Premiere Shocker? Stephen Amell Explains

There's nowhere to hide for Mayor Oliver Queen, now officially known as the Green Arrow. "Nobody can know my secret" was Oliver's (Stephen Amell) mantra from day one, but no man is an island unto himself. He's killed with conviction and lied with pathological ease, either halting the curious in their tracks or bringing them into his inner circle. Now that all his sins have been laid bare on national television, what's a vigilante to do? The answer, of course, is smile. Smile and lie.  Will the more


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