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Episode Summary: Oliver gets closer to the truth about Prometheus. Meanwhile, Helix refuses to continue helping Felicity until she does a favor for them.
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Prometheus Sends Oliver to his Breaking Point

If you thought Prometheus was going to become less impressive now that his identity has been revealed, Arrow has a surprise for you. It doesn't take long into "Checkmate," the first scene really, for Oliver to catch up with us and learn that Prometheus is Adrian Chase. This doesn't start any forward momentum for Oliver in managing to bring down his latest villain. If anything, his identity being out in the open causes Chase/Prometheus to become even more vicious. Prometheus has been solid so far as a threat ... more


Are Oliver Queen's days as the Green Arrow numbered? That was questioned on Arrow Season 5 Episode 16 when Oliver found out the truth about Prometheus. From the outset, it was evident this was going to be a big episode.  Talia al Ghul was in the present, so the stakes could not have been higher. Oliver turning to her for help was an exciting development, but I was pleasantly surprised Oliver had no idea Talia was Ra's al Ghul's daughter.  You killed... more



Who Was the Biggest 'Arrow' Hero in 'The Dragon'?

You know how they say that a villain sees himself as the hero in his own story? The Arrow episode of "The Dragon" sets out to prove that with regard to Ricardo Diaz. Can the season's big bad villain be a hero or is someone else ultimately more heroic? Diaz While Diaz's actions may not be heroic in the classic sense, they can be seen that way when looked at with the proper perspective. He does, after all, face down lifelong demons (or dragons) and come out on... more

How 'Arrow' Finally Made Ricardo Diaz into a Real Threat

Ricardo Diaz brought Star City to its knees before we even knew he was Arrow's season 6 big bad. It wasn't until "The Dragon," however, that we saw just how dangerous he really is. Watch out, Arrowverse, we've got a planner on our hands. A villain who acts rashly is no one to fear. A man with a plan? That's another matter entirely. A man with a plan and an inferiority complex? That's something to run from. In other words, get out of Diaz' (Kirk Acevedo) way. He wants crime lord status, and he has no qualms about shooting... more

'Arrow': Can Oliver and Diggle's Friendship Be Fixed After Their Latest Fight?

Oliver and Diggle have had their fights before on Arrow -- John has even left the team, and their problems haven't always been fixed in one episode -- but this time it's different. As Oliver himself said, he's not sure that they've been through worse and when you factor in some of the harsh things Diggle has said in episodes 17 and 18, this isn't going to have an easy fix.   What started out as a fight about who's the Green Arrow (which Oliver called "out of c... more


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