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Episode Summary: Oliver gets closer to the truth about Prometheus. Meanwhile, Helix refuses to continue helping Felicity until she does a favor for them.
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Prometheus Sends Oliver to his Breaking Point

If you thought Prometheus was going to become less impressive now that his identity has been revealed, Arrow has a surprise for you. It doesn't take long into "Checkmate," the first scene really, for Oliver to catch up with us and learn that Prometheus is Adrian Chase. This doesn't start any forward momentum for Oliver in managing to bring down his latest villain. If anything, his identity being out in the open causes Chase/Prometheus to become even more vicious. Prometheus has been solid so far as a threat ... more


Are Oliver Queen's days as the Green Arrow numbered? That was questioned on Arrow Season 5 Episode 16 when Oliver found out the truth about Prometheus. From the outset, it was evident this was going to be a big episode.  Talia al Ghul was in the present, so the stakes could not have been higher. Oliver turning to her for help was an exciting development, but I was pleasantly surprised Oliver had no idea Talia was Ra's al Ghul's daughter.  You killed... more



Why 'Arrow' Should Focus More on the New Team

The rupture of Oliver's team on Arrow has created two separate teams that are fighting to save Star City: Original Team Arrow and New Team Arrow (as they like to refer to themselves.) Though they have continued to work together in the episodes following the split because of Cayden's plan to bomb the city, we don't know why Dinah, Curtis and Rene have continued to live their vigilante double lives outside of Oliver's team and why it means so much to them. Trust Issues The newbies parted ways fro... more

Who Was the Biggest 'Arrow' Hero in 'The Devil's Greatest Trick'?

While Arrow clearly identifies the worst villain of the episode -- and the whole season -- in "The Devil's Greatest Trick," finding the biggest hero may be a little more complicated. Brave acts, after all, abound as Cayden James' plot comes to an end. Oliver "The Devil's Greatest Trick" is one of those episodes that reminds us just why the show is named after the Green Arrow. Oliver is quite busy throughout, saving the city, his friends, his son a... more

'Arrow' Is Looking for Redemption in All the Wrong Places

Unpopular opinion: Black Siren does not need, nor deserve, redemption. In fact, Arrow's attempts to force morality upon the Earth-2 villain is making poor Quentin Lance look more than a little unhinged. The theme of season 6 is family, and with that in mind, it's no surprise Arrow writers have provided viewers with a grieving father willing enough to suspend disbelief if it means reconnecting with his eldest daughter. We can't even begin to imagine the pain of losing a child, ... more


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