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Aired: Mar 13, 2014 , Thursday at 20:00 on FOX

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Episode Summary: One finalist's journey will come to an end as America's vote is revealed
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Where the Heart Is

American Idol said goodbye to Kristen O'Connor last week, bringing the number of contestants in the competition to 12.  Tonight, the Top 12 will sing songs that remind them of home. Hailing from cities coast to coast with over half the contestants from the south, don't expect a night full of country music. The theme nights of old are gone. Let's see where the heart is for the American Idol Top 12... Jena Irene is kicking off the night with "Sud... more



The New Judges Vote Is Ruining the Final Season of 'American Idol'

American Idol has introduced quite a rule change as the series closes out its run. Instead of the audience taking over the elimination duties once the Top 24 is formed, the judges are still in the driver's seat. The judges will whittle down the Top 24 until a Top 10 is introduced. It's only then that audience will be able to fully take over and start to decide the final American Idol. It's a big move... and alread... more

'American Idol' Predictions: Which 5 Singers are Going Home?

The American Idol season 15 semifinals are underway, with the first night of performances now behind us. A couple contestants really shined, some were average and then there were a couple duds -- including one from a fan-favorite, which was surprising. Now that the first group of semifinalists have performed, it's time for the duets with Idol alums and then the judges will decide which five singers are going to be... more

Casting Bits: A Villain Returns to 'Gotham,' Chris Daughtry Joins a Musical, 'Outlander' Finds Brianna and More

As summer series start filming their new seasons and returning shows start ramping up to the end of their season, more and more casting news is trickling in lately. Outlander, Fear the Walking Dead and Mr. Robot will all be adding new faces for season 2. In addition Gotham will see the return of a previously thought deceased... more


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