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Aired: Sep 12, 2017 , Tuesday at 22:00 on FX

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Episode Summary: Ally, Ivy and Oz meet the new neighbors. Kai runs for city council. Detective Samuels investigates a murder. A blackout terrorizes Ally.
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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

This show is not messing around with the deaths this season. American Horror Story Season 7 Episode 2 is only the second hour of the series' "Cult" iteration. Already, we've seen at least four brutal killings. But the latest just might be the most shocking of all. The biggest moment of "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" found a distressed and paranoid Ally accidentally shooting and killing Pedro, an employee at The Butchery on Main. It wasn't exactly a surprising moment – ... more



7 Reasons 'American Horror Story' Fans Should Check out '9-1-1'

9-1-1 is the latest drama from American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy. This is a good enough reason for many to check it out, but what about those who need a bit more of a push? While the shows aren't set in the same genres, American Horror Story fans can find many other reasons to watch the latest series. Here are seven reasons you'll enj... more

The 'American Horror Story: Cult' Finale Was the Best One Yet

American Horror Story has wrapped for another year. There is no denying the twists and turns fans have gone through with American Horror Story: Cult. It was impossible to know who to trust, as even when the truth was told there was deceit. The season finale was especially strong. Here's a look at why it was the best for the show so far. It Kept the Focus on Fear and Distrust The main focus of American Horror Story: Cult hasn't quite been the cu... more

'American Horror Story: Cult' Poll: Which Main Character Will Make It to the End?

Every season of American Horror Story sees the majority of the cast killed. This has been the pattern from the very first season, so fans expect it to happen this season. With just three main characters left in American Horror Story: Cult, there are many theories on who will survive. Which character do you think will make it to the very end? Kai Anderson Evan Peters' Kai is one of the scariest characters ever created. He has no superna... more


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