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An anthology series that centers on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an insane asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, an enigmatic hotel and a sinister farmhouse in Roanoke, North Carolina.
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American Horror Story: SEASON 6, EPISODE 10: Chapter 10 | TVBuzer

Aired: November 16,2016

Season finale. Lana Winters is interviewing Lee Harris about what happened during the Return to Roanoke.... more

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Chapter 2

The season is off to a very creepy, very surreal start. Luckily, American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 2 is beginning to lift the veil a bit and offer some amount of explanation into what the heck is going on in and around Shelby and Matt's North Carolina home. While I'm still not particularly crazy about the documentary-style format, I'm beginning to mind it less and less. The present-day "real life" versions of Matt, Shelby, and Lee are pretty unobtrusive when they c... more

Chapter 3

This was the best installment of the season yet. American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 3 was a great, suspenseful hour of the series. It also managed to introduce a delightful new character – betting Cricket will go down in AHS history as a fan favorite – and clarified a huge amount of backstory regarding the "principal" ghost, the Butcher. One criticism to address right off the bat: "Chapter 3" was a major info dump. Like, it was so noticeably obvious that a chara... more

Chapter 4

Talk about an info-dump! American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 4 was the televisual equivalent of reading a speculative history paper about the vanished Roanoke Colony. To rephrase: There was so. Dang. Much. Exposition. Now, that's not all bad. In fact, some parts of "Chapter 4" were quite good. But I do think it's hilarious that, in my review of American Horror Story Season 6 Episode 3, I remarked that it sure seemed like we got a lot of expository dialogue ... more



American Horror Story: 'American Horror Story' Stars Share the Moments That Scared Them on Set News | TVBuzer

'American Horror Story' Stars Share the Moments That Scared Them on Set

American Horror Story has been tormenting viewers since introducing the Murder House in 2011, but it turns out fans aren't the only ones getting scared by the anthology thriller. During an interview with TV Guide , some of the actors of American Horror Story shared their frightening experiences on the set.   "In Roanoke, [I got scared] a couple times," Cheyenne Jackson... more

American Horror Story: 'American Horror Story' Showrunner Reveals that Season 7 Will Be About 2016 Election News | TVBuzer

'American Horror Story' Showrunner Reveals that Season 7 Will Be About 2016 Election

As if everyday life isn't scary enough already, American Horror Story is going to take us through the U.S. 2016 election once again. What exactly will be included? Even the showrunner, Ryan Murphy, isn't sure (as they haven't chosen a title yet), but when asked if there would be a Trump in the mix, he responded, "Maybe." Ryan Murphy discusses the upcoming and highly anticipated new season of American Horror Story on Bravo's What Watch Happens Live with Andy Cohen in the video below. [YouTube=pH9edRgI... more

American Horror Story: 6 TV Episodes You Should Watch to Survive Being Single This Valentine's Day News | TVBuzer

6 TV Episodes You Should Watch to Survive Being Single This Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can be a fun and romantic holiday if you're part of a couple. It's a day to celebrate loving relationships with a little extra romance. So many TV shows cover the romantic stories you want to see, but what about the single people? If you're spending Valentine's Day alone this year, you might want to stay distracted by binging some TV episodes that have nothing to do with love. Instead of focusing on the lack of romance in your life, keep your mind occupied with some funny, scary and gross episodes on TV. From more


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    this show is a hundred shades of crazy, and i love it so much. i can't even fathom how much i adore this show, but ryan murphy and brad falchuk did an amazing job, and the acting is superb. a lot of people can't get their head around the story and characters changing every season, but i think it's an incredibly creative way to keep things exciting. COUNTING DOWN THE DAYS TO SEASON 3


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