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A Romance Threatens One Girl's Future in the Competition

In this episode of America's Next Top Model, "Out for the Count," the girls learn all about body image from Ashley Graham, a romance blossoms in the house and the ladies pose with Chanel Iman in a boxing-themed photo shoot. Kyle and Krislian react very differently to landing in the bottom two last time. Krislian is stressing, hoping she can prove she's got what it takes to do more than be a sexy Instagram flash in the pan, while Kyle is seeking comfort by starting a fling with Marissa. The two are very dr... more



[VIDEO] Justine Biticon Explains Why 'America's Next Top Model' Made a Mistake Eliminating Her

The next season of America's Next Top Model is well under way and already the first real elimination has struck. 18-year-old Justine Biticon was the first elimination of America's Next Top Model, following the cast being cut from 30 models to just 14. Drew Elliot, one of the new judges on the ANTM revival, sat down with Justine to talk about her elimination and what mistakes she think sh... more

Ashley Graham Joins 'America's Next Top Model' as Judge

The VH1 reboot of America's Next Top Model is almost here. The next iteration of the series will begin on December 12 at 10/9 on VH1. Most of the judging panel has been announced for quite a while but there has been something, or someone, missing. While Rita Ora will become the next host of America's Next Top Model there is no supermodel on the show to fill the role of more

[WATCH] VH1 Releases Promo and Premiere Date for 'America's Next Top Model' Reboot

Get ready for an all new era of America's Next Top Model Deadline reports that VH1 has released brand new details of the upcoming reboot of the reality series. Some of the information has already been reported: Rita Ora has been officially confirmed as the new host and Tyra Banks will be involved, to much a lesser degree, in the new America's ... more


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