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Aired: Dec 26, 2016 , Wednesday at 22:00 on CW

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Episode Summary: The judges choose signature looks for each model, but some ladies aren't happy with their makeovers; Ashley encourages the contestants to feel comfortable in their own skins as they get ready for a nude-photo shoot.
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The Girls Get Makeovers and Pose Nude

On this episode of America's Next Top Model, "Make Your Mark," the girls get new looks, Courtney continues to clash with several of her roommates and the women bare all for a photo shoot.The remaining girls head back to the brownstone after their first panel. Cody is riding high on having the best photograph, and her sister, Tash, considers it a victory as well since the two girls "practically share the same face." Courtney is put off by the twins' confidence because you never know what the future ... more



Tyra Banks Returning To Host Of AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL

VH1 announced that Tyra Banks will return as host of “America’s Next Top Model” with the new cycle slated to begin production this summer. Banks and Ken Mok will continue as executive producers. Additional panelists to be announced at a later date. “Tyra has always been the heart and soul of the franchise and her absence was deeply felt by our fiercely loyal fans who missed their Queen of the Smize. We’d like to thank Rita Ora for being a great partner and total ... more

Did India Deserve to Win 'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 23?

India Gants has officially been crowned the winner of America's Next Top Model for cycle 23. And now that she has won out over the others, there's a question of whether she deserves be the winner. The new model, who many have said looks like she could be her inspiration Gigi Hadid's long-lost twin, did come a long way since her first day in the competition. Still, some of the superstar judges were worried about whether India really had a star factor that would make her s... more

[VIDEO] Eliminated 'America's Next Top Model' Contestant CoryAnne Roberts on Why Her Famous Supermodel Mother Hurt Her in the Competition

CoryAnne Roberts made it far but it wasn't far enough. CoryAnne was the first elimination of America's Next Top Model cycle 23 finale and she landed in third place. In the competition CoryAnne was compared a lot to her mother, famous supermodel Stephanie Roberts, and she didn't exactly appreciate it. In her exit interview with ANTM judge Drew Elliott, CoryAnne explained that the connection to her mother on the competition frustrated her and it hurt far more than it helpe... more


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