America's Got Talent

Aired: Aug 09, 2017 , Tuesday at 20:00 on NBC

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Episode Summary: Before the Live Shows begin, relive the best moments from the season so far, including the Judges Golden Buzzer saves.
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'America's Got Talent' Live Results: Who are the First 7 Semifinalists?

America's Got Talent went live for the first time in Season 12 as the quarterfinals got underway, but despite a rollicking two hours of fun, a closer inspection reveals a rather sub-par effort on the collective behalf of the performers The haves and have nots were apparent, which leads to expected results, but the fact of the matter is that few, if any, upped their game. Nearly everyone took a step back, and even the best of the night was so only because of a stumble th... more

'America's Got Talent' Predictions: Who Will Be Cut from the First Quarterfinals?

The first quarterfinals of America's Got Talent season 12 were very singer heavy. This is to be expected since so much of the live show cast is of a musical bent, but AGT really front-loaded the season in terms of hype. The Golden Buzzer acts took the stage with mic in hand. Yet just because the judges loved them doesn't mean America will agree. As is usual, the quarterfinals will be a bloodbath, with almost half of the acts going home each week.  Twel... more

Why 'America's Got Talent' Made a Huge Mistake with Jeki Yoo

In the third round of America's Got Talent judge cuts, the panel joined by Laverne Cox mostly made the right decisions. Unlike the previous round's debacle of letting through an act like Mirror Image, it is hard to feel that the judges gave another chance to an act who didn't deserve it. The America's Got Talent panel wasn't infallible and one act fell the cracks. The problem wasn't in any of the acts that were chosen but in those w... more


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