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Days of Our Lives can be compelling when it wants to be. I first fell in love with this soap years ago because of strong women like Jennifer and Hope dealing with serious problems and doing important, exciting things with their lives. In recent times, it's fallen heartbreakingly short of the show I remember. But every once in a while, there's a glimmer of what this show could and should be. The way Ciara's rape was handled on Days of Our Lives during the week of 5-21-18 was an...]]>
Sat, 26 May 2018 08:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Spy Games]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Criminal-Minds/Season-3/episode-4/reviews/Spy-Games-40920
Quantico seems to be finally hitting its groove, so it's a shame that it's already been canceled.  On Quantico Season 3 Episode 4, Harry was forced to deal with past feelings for his partner, Jeffrey, and the man responsible for his death, Dmitri. We finally got a bit more Harry backstory, guys! Previously, when Quantico wanted to provide some backstory for a character, it was usually presented under suspicious circumstances. Either someone was keeping a secret, or there was suspic...]]>
Fri, 25 May 2018 11:40:01 -0500
<![CDATA[Aftermath]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Sirens/Season-1/episode-10/reviews/Aftermath-40919
The end is near, or at least it was for one of our favorites this time around. Donna dying wasn't exactly how I saw things working themselves out, but this continues to be Ryn's story. That means that sadly no one is truly safe except for Ryn. And in a way it did make sense, yet you can't deny that a scene stealing character like Donna will be missed dearly. Decker was the one who gave an example of that when facing the bad news. During Siren Season 1 Episode 10, Donna dies and t...]]>
Fri, 25 May 2018 02:40:01 -0500
<![CDATA[Hospitium]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Colony/Season-3/episode-4/reviews/Hospitium
Most of Colony Season 3 Episode 4 toggled between happenings at the camp and Broussard. We got to know MacGregor a little better, and everyone in the camp disappeared! Not so surprising, MacGregor ran a conspiracy website before the invasion called Enemy Above. Most people thought he was a wackadoodle until his theories started to come true. Even if you don't like who MacGregor is now, you've got to feel for the guy. He was set up and had his family taken away. I can only as...]]>
Wed, 23 May 2018 11:40:04 -0500
<![CDATA[Jennings, Elizabeth]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Americans/Season-6/episode-9/reviews/Jennings-Elizabeth
So much comes down to The Americans Season 6 Episode 9, and when reactions don't meet expectations, it's enough to drive someone insane. Sure enough, that someone is me, the Soviet sympathizer. I'll blame it on my heritage, but after six seasons, The Americans swayed me toward the other side. It would have been difficult to explain that Communism isn't my cup of tea to people who didn't understand the nuances of what was happening behind the Soviet curtain, though. That mu...]]>
Wed, 23 May 2018 11:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Shifting Sands]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-100/Season-5/episode-5/reviews/Shifting-Sands
Remarkable, stunning, and terrifying is only the tip of the iceberg when describing the emotions that this episode managed to elicit from us. "Shifting Sands" had it all but its true essence was the way that it wasn't scared of pushing limits. Sand storms featuring glass? Missiles aimed right at our favorite characters? Horrifying monsters crawling around inside people's bodies? Cathartic scenes between a wide selections of characters? The 100 Season 5 Episode 5 truly had it all, bu...]]>
Wed, 23 May 2018 02:40:03 -0500
<![CDATA[First Blood]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Handmaid-s-Tale/Season-2/episode-6/reviews/First-Blood-40915
How many set therapists are there on the set of The Handmaid's Tale? With the way the actors must move in and out of kindness and ruthlessness, desolation and elation, I'd guess many of the actors have a difficult time not taking the work with them when they leave the set. The Handmaid's Tale Season 2 Episode 6 was a feast of personality crises for Serena Joy, June, and even Fred. But it was Yvonne Strahovski who was dealing with the broadest range of emotions, and the subtlety of h...]]>
Wed, 23 May 2018 02:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[We Are the Flash]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Flash/Season-4/episode-23/reviews/We-Are-the-Flash
On this jam-packed, high energy finale, we are taken for a ride through consciousness -- DeVoe's consciousness.  So hold onto your seats because this episode doesn't let up until the very last second.  To start things off on The Flash Season 4 Episode 23 it becomes clear early on that Harry was DeVoe's guinea pig. If he could reboot Harry's mind, then he could reboot almost anyone's.  Iris quickly shows up with Marlize, which completely and utterly shocked me. I didn't...]]>
Tue, 22 May 2018 11:40:01 -0500
<![CDATA[Knee Deep]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Roseanne/Season-10/episode-9/reviews/Knee-Deep
It's rare you see people get excited for a state of emergency, but at least the Conner's had a good reason for it.  It's not difficult to feel exactly how Dan felt on Roseanne Season 10 Episode 9, especially when no matter what he did terrible things would just follow him.  I imagine a lot of people are going to have opinions when it came to Dan wanting to hire undocumented workers to cut costs, but I knew exactly where Dan was coming from. It was clear Roseanne's knee was not goin...]]>
Tue, 22 May 2018 08:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[The Fanatical]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Supergirl/Season-3/episode-19/reviews/The-Fanatical
There has been a gallant effort to give the supporting cast meatier storylines, and boy, have the Supergirl actors run away with the opportunity.  J'onn watching his father fade away has been heartbreaking, and Winn's reunion with his mother was equally devastating.  But, on Supergirl Season 3 Episode 19 it was James' turn, and it may have been the most powerful performance yet.  Supergirl has never shied away from tackling politics and current events, and it's actua...]]>
Mon, 21 May 2018 11:40:05 -0500
<![CDATA[Our Time is Up]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Elementary/Season-6/episode-4/reviews/Our-Time-is-Up
Sometimes it helps to go light on the ongoing storylines and heavier on the case of the week. This time, the case was personal for Joan on Elementary Season 6 Episode 4. That's because the murder victim was her one-time therapist, who helped Joan with issues she was dealing with back in her sober-companion days. This was pretty much a Joan spotlight episode. While Joan was sorting out her feelings, Sherlock did much of the heavy lifting, crime solving-wise. I don't even rem...]]>
Mon, 21 May 2018 11:40:04 -0500
<![CDATA[You've Got to Hide Your Liv Away]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/iZombie/Season-4/episode-12/reviews/You-ve-Got-to-Hide-Your-Liv-Away
This season of iZombie is giving me whiplash. There are moments when the arcs are frustrating; then they give us a fantastic hour, and I feel foolish for complaining.  iZombie Season 4 Episode 12 was a fantastic hour that stayed true to the series' tradition of ramping things up in the penultimate installment before knocking it out of the park in the finale.  The Major I like best returned (sort of) after the tragic loss of his cadet. In true Major fashion, he had Jordan hid...]]>
Mon, 21 May 2018 11:40:03 -0500
<![CDATA[Are You There God? It's Me, Peter]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Family-Guy/Season-16/episode-20/reviews/Are-You-There-God-It-s-Me-Peter
If I was stuck in an elevator with God, I'd probably ask Him some of the same questions Peter asked on Family Guy Season 16 Episode 20. Of all the questions, Peter had, the most important one, I think, was whether or not we were just a computer simulation for a higher species. That would answer a lot of questions about the weirdness of life. But if our life was being run by a higher species, what would be the purpose of God, then? And that's exactly the point. "Are You ...]]>
Mon, 21 May 2018 02:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Akane No Mai]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Westworld/Season-2/episode-5/reviews/Akane-No-Mai
That was a very neat twist and one for which we owe Lee Sizemore. Now as new worlds are introduced, it will be important to look for our favorites in a slightly different capacity. It was Armistice who first recognized their ragtag group had doppelgangers roaming Showgun World on Westworld Season 2 Episode 5, and she spent the rest of her time mirroring the girl with the dragon tattoo. While it was fun getting to know the new group of characters with so much in common with ...]]>
Sun, 20 May 2018 11:40:03 -0500
<![CDATA[Just In Case]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Fear-The-Walking-Dead/Season-4/episode-6/reviews/Just-In-Case
If Fear the Walking Dead has reiterated one thing this season, it's to always expect the unexpected. Can you believe we're almost through the first half of Season 4. The first handful of episodes this season has continuously toyed with our emotions and contained more twists than a bag full of pretzels, and Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 was no exception. After taking a break from the situation at the stadium last week, we were thrust right back into the happenings at The Di...]]>
Sun, 20 May 2018 11:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Everyone Is Soigné]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Sweetbitter/Season-1/episode-3/reviews/Everyone-Is-Soigné
When you're in customer service all guests are soigné; however, some are more soigné than others. On Sweetbitter Season 1 Episode 3, Tess takes this idea and other lessons from Simone and Ari to shelve Will and the certainty he represents. I'm completely behind Tess's decision to send Will on his way and go after the passion she feels for Jake. Usually, I roll my eyes at the bad boy trope because it sends ridiculous messages like love isn't love unless there are toxic behaviors an...]]>
Sun, 20 May 2018 08:40:03 -0500
<![CDATA[I Don't Want to Be Free]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Killing-Eve/Season-1/episode-7/reviews/I-Don-t-Want-to-Be-Free
The lines are blurring!! After watching Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 7 it's becoming less obvious where the line between the good guys and bad guys is drawn. The list of those to trust gets shorter by the minute. From the moment Carolyn appeared wearing the same clothing as the night before, she was no longer trustworthy. Well, maybe she lost her integrity a lot earlier than that. She most likely lost it sometime back in the 1970s when she thought canoodling with the...]]>
Sun, 20 May 2018 08:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Who's More Wrong?]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Days-of-our-Lives/Season-53/episode-167/reviews/Who-s-More-Wrong
It's really a shame that Days of Our Lives so grossly mishandled Abigail's Dissociative Identity Disorder. Marci Miller has been killing it as Abigail and her alters in this silly, unrealistic story. Abigail's confusion and guilt once she learned what she had done could have been powerful had it been written properly. Even this lackluster version has had a few emotional moments, mostly when Abigail surfaced and had no idea where she was or what she'd been doing. But the unrealistic wa...]]>
Sat, 19 May 2018 08:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Waiho wale kahiko (Ancients Exposed)]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Hawaii-Five-0/Season-8/episode-25/reviews/Waiho-wale-kahiko-Ancients-Exposed
You know the only thing worse than two lackluster, season-long storylines? That would be carrying them over into the next season. Yet that's exactly what happened on Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 25. Which one to tackle first? I know. Let's talk about the case of the week instead. That was a headscratcher. Is a Russian submarine surfacing off Waikiki? Yeah, that's something you don't see every day. Related: Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Episode 24 Review: The Tough Br...]]>
Fri, 18 May 2018 11:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Not Your Hero]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Station-19/Season-1/episode-10/reviews/Not-Your-Hero
That was intense, and I'm still holding my breath after watching Station 19 Season 1 Episode 10. Cliffhangers. You've gotta love 'em. I've found that we don't have a lot of cliffhangers these days. Shows used to do that all the time, but not so much anymore. Every once in a while, but it's no longer the norm. I have to wonder why that is, though, because nothing's better than having a story that literally has you sitting on the edge of your seat, mouth agape, and your head in your ha...]]>
Fri, 18 May 2018 02:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Let the Good Times Roll]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Supernatural/Season-13/episode-23/reviews/Let-the-Good-Times-Roll-40901
You know what I will miss most when Supernatural eventually ends? Hearing, "Carry On My Wayward Son." It was a sight to see Sam explaining our world on Supernatural Season 13 Episode 23, but it provided a few laughs for an otherwise bittersweet season finale.  Who else loved the parallels between Jack and Dean? Both of them are haunted by the people they were never able to save. I imagine the reason why Dean is now so open to accepting Jack as family is because he sees so much of hi...]]>
Thu, 17 May 2018 11:40:03 -0500
<![CDATA[All of Me]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Grey-s-Anatomy/Season-14/episode-24/reviews/All-of-Me
Well, the good news is that Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 24 was the happiest finale the series has ever had.  There was no angst, death, explosions or anything of the sort. Everyone lived to see another day, and we didn't get one wedding. We got three of them in one hour.  Are the writers, okay? Someone, check their vitals immediately. I'm concerned.  To say All of Me was an understated hour would be, wait for it, an understatement.  The reception of April and Ariz...]]>
Thu, 17 May 2018 11:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Street Fight]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Sirens/Season-1/episode-9/reviews/Street-Fight
Ryn is officially the head mermaid in charge.  Siren Season 1 Episode 9 is the best of the season and the perfect penultimate episode before what is sure to be an incredible season finale. It's a good thing the series was renewed because there are so many aspects of this town, these characters, and mermaid culture that need to be explored. I'm dying to know more about mermaid culture. Donna bringing along her killer mermaid companions was fortuitous because we learned a bi...]]>
Thu, 17 May 2018 08:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[The Same as Air]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Code-Black/Season-3/episode-4/reviews/The-Same-as-Air
Okay, who has a good kimchi recipe that they're willing to share? Thinking about Aunt Jae's truck is making me hungry. Rox's aunt may be my favorite new character, but she wasn't the only good thing going on Code Black Season 3 Episode 4. While Ethan and Leanne helped a family break free from a tyrant, Mario learned a valuable lesson and became a better doctor for it, and Angus had to figure out how navigate a sticky situation.  Mario and Noa's drug-seeking patient and t...]]>
Thu, 17 May 2018 05:40:02 -0500
<![CDATA[Don't It Just Break Your Heart]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Originals/Season-5/episode-5/reviews/Don-t-It-Just-Break-Your-Heart
Just when it seemed like The Originals Season 5 was slowing down, The Originals Season 5 Episode 5 came along blew the lid off the whole thing.  While I'm still not impressed at the way Phoebe Tonkin has been sidelined, I can't deny that it's bringing some downright shocking plot twists our way.  Danielle Rose Russell has been a thrilling addition to the cast as this new, teenage version of Hope, and my heart broke for her when she was having to choose between binding herself or h...]]>
Wed, 16 May 2018 11:40:06 -0500
<![CDATA[Sierra Maestra]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Colony/Season-3/episode-3/reviews/Sierra-Maestra
As usual, you can't trust anyone, not even when the world is falling to hell, and all that's left is trust of your fellow man. On Colony Season 3 Episode 3 Will and Katie tried to acclimate to the Resistance camp, which, as Snyder pointed out, felt a lot like all the other camps. Katie wanted to think what she brought to the table meant something, but in the end, it didn't. Surprise, surprise, surprise. At the very least, the Bowman family is all together. Miraculously...]]>
Wed, 16 May 2018 11:40:05 -0500
<![CDATA[The Summit]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/The-Americans/Season-6/episode-8/reviews/The-Summit
If only Elizabeth had a little more patience with her husband, maybe Marilyn would still be alive. Philip was sick of playing games of any kind by the time The Americans Season 6 Episode 8 rolled around, and whatever he did got Elizabeth's attention. After multiple attempts to share something with Elizabeth and getting shot down, Philip told her the truth about his recent activities. It didn't go over well, but a switch was flipped in Elizabeth's mind. Finally. It's conver...]]>
Wed, 16 May 2018 11:40:05 -0500
<![CDATA[Chapter Thirty-Five]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Riverdale-US/Season-2/episode-22/reviews/Chapter-Thirty-Five-40894
The chess pieces were placed, the votes were in, and the life of our burger-loving writer was up in the air. Riverdale Season 2 Episode 22 was the closing chapter for the season-long drama that sparked with a gunshot in Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe. Penny Peabody and the Ghoulies left Jughead's life in limbo with an attack that left us speechless. We didn't want Jughead to die, but with the way Hiram had been getting everything he wanted, this could've been his victory. Luckily for us, that...]]>
Wed, 16 May 2018 11:40:04 -0500
<![CDATA[Clash of Swords]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Modern-Family/Season-9/episode-22/reviews/Clash-of-Swords
We got hints about what's to come next season on Modern Family Season 9 Episode 22 when Mitch and Cam ended up with a new kid, Manny left town, and Pritchett's Closets received a buy-out offer. There is a lot to talk about, but let's start with Mitch and Phil. I love it when they are featured in an episode. They're both nerds and have a love for fantasy/sci-fi genres, so it makes sense they would attend HeroCon together in cosplay. For those of you who don't know, cosplay is j...]]>
Wed, 16 May 2018 11:40:03 -0500
<![CDATA[Bloody Noses and Crack'd Crowns]]> http://www.tvbuzer.com/tv-shows/Empire/Season-4/episode-17/reviews/Bloody-Noses-and-Crack-d-Crowns
The Lyons have officially met their match in Eddie Barker.  If Empire Season 4 Episode 17 proved anything, it's that the scheming is showing no sign of letting up, and that's exactly what I expect of a primetime soap opera.  Eddie is a formidable opponent, and he may well be the series' best villain yet. He knows Lucious on both a personal and professional level and knows that he will resort to shedding blood if he needs to do it.  Giselle is just as crafty as Eddie, an...]]>
Wed, 16 May 2018 08:40:01 -0500