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The Friendship Game

Madam Secretary: The Friendship Game

Season 4, Episode 18: " The Friendship Game "

♫ Make new friends, but keep the old... ♫ Was I the only one humming the scouting tune to themselves during Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 18? Henry and Elizabeth's search for new couple friends was completely endearing, if a little confusing. Let's just retcon the scene from Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 16 where Elizabeth was begging Henry not to make them befriend Pi...

Family Guy Through the Years

Family Guy: Family Guy Through the Years

Season 16, Episode 16: " 'Family Guy' Through the Years "

There was plenty of commentary on Family Guy Season 16 Episode 16, so much, in fact, that it might take a couple of viewings to pick up on everything the show was trying to say, make fun of or slam. Sometimes Family Guy likes to make you think, and this three-decade retrospective was one of those times. If there's one decade I'm glad I wasn't born in, it is the 1950s. It's...

Can Sam Trust King?

NCIS: Los Angeles: Can Sam Trust King?

Season 9, Episode 19: " Outside the Lines "

It's not just Sam's life on the line when he resumes a former (likely compromised) alias in this episode of NCIS: Los Angeles. But with millions in Bitcoin codes stolen and the possibility of taking down the most dangerous narcoterrorist in the game on the line, is the risk worth it?"Outside the Lines" not only brings King back into play but also reveals that Sam's been spending time with her w...

The Top 14 Perform

American Idol: The Top 14 Perform

Season 16, Episode 13: " Top 14 "

Buckle your safety belts and lather up those texting fingers, folks, because for the first time in the season 16 reboot of American Idol, your opinions actually matter.After solo and celebrity duet performances with the Top 24, new judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan narrowed down the field by kicking 10 wannabe idols back to the curbs from whence they came.But now they're ...

On Location

The Arrangement: On Location

Season 2, Episode 7: " On Location "

It's getting harder and harder to root for Megan when she won't do anything to change her situation. I don't know what the repercussions would be for a breach of contract, but whatever they were would probably be much better than continuing to live in Kyle's lie. On The Arrangement Season 2 Episode 7, he basically told her he wouldn't budge on changing anything in their contra...

Another Day in the Diamond

Fear The Walking Dead: Another Day in the Diamond

Season 4, Episode 2: " Another Day in the Diamond "

The Clark family is about to be tested. Fear the Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 provided a decent explanation of what occurred following the Season 3 finale. There was also a good deal of juicy information revealed as Madison finally made an appearance, and we learned what the Clark family had been up. While Morgan was primarily absent during the hour, the trek back in time ...

The King of the Delta Blues

Timeless: The King of the Delta Blues

Season 2, Episode 6: " The King of the Delta Blues "

Finally, Connor's pity party ended. Rufus and Jiya figured out how to add a fourth seat to the Lifeboat and Connor filled it on Timeless Season 2 Episode 6. I never pictured Connor as a blues geek, but it was his encyclopedic knowledge of Robert Johnson that was crucial to the mission's success. He got that same blank look from everyone as Wyatt got when talking...

Forgive Me This My Virtue

The Royals: Forgive Me This My Virtue

Season 4, Episode 7: " Forgive Me This My Virtue "

Well, that couldn't be more uncomfortable if we tried.  On The Royals Season 4 Episode 7, Liam had a girlfriend ... and then he didn't. Just like that. His romance was short-lived mainly because Kathryn wanted her cake, and she wanted to eat it too.  What was the point of even bringing her back into Liam's life for roughly two-episodes if she was going to fall...


Trust: Silenzio

Season 1, Episode 5: " Episode 5 "

Paul and Angelo made their escape – and nearly succeeded. Trust Season 1 Episode 5 was a terrifically tense and exhilarating hour, as the two young men fled Primo's murderous wrath... only for the entirety of the mafia-led town to descend upon them. As I mentioned in my review of Trust Season 1 Episode 4 and earlier, this series is pulling off something remarkable. The w...

Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 19 Review

NCIS: Los Angeles: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 19 Review

Season 9, Episode 19: " Outside the Lines "

Sam's year of adjustment continued. He had become too close to a former druglord on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 9 Episode 19. That decision nearly cost him and Hidoko everything. Ever since his wife Michelle's death on NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 Episode 23, Sam has been, understandably, trying to figure out his new life without her. Some choices have be...

The Blob

The Last Man On Earth: The Blob

Season 4, Episode 16: " The Blob "

The Last Man on Earth delivers another solid episode of the series, with a fun, new pairing and fantastic dramatic acting from Jason Sudeikis. On The Last Man on Earth Season 4 Episode 16, Mike wants to leave to search for the heat signature he found on his thermal reader. Meanwhile, Gail and Melissa avoid their supply shopping duties, and Erica and Todd argue over the color of the baby's ...

Lost and Found

General Hospital (US): Lost and Found

Season 56, Episode 26: " #14051 "

The central story this week on General Hospital was the disappearance of Mike and Avery. They remained missing for the entire week, in a lengthy ordeal that wasn't what I expected. The story was an emotional one, with ample opportunity for great performances from all of the major players involved. Mike and Avery wandered off in the final moments of Friday's episode. They re...

Don't I Know You?

Killing Eve: Don't I Know You?

Season 1, Episode 3: " Don't I Know You "

The beauty with which Eve described Villanelle, the details she captured from their very brief meeting in the hospital restroom, were stunning. If you ask the spy again how to describe the woman, the admiration in Eve's voice will likely be gone after Killing Eve Season 1 Episode 3. It's easy to admire from afar. The adoration disappears when someone you loves succumbs to the rage and hos...

Hitting A New Low

Days of our Lives: Hitting A New Low

Season 53, Episode 147: " Friday April 20, 2018 "

Once upon a time, Days of Our Lives was a groundbreaking show that used its position as a popular soap opera to shed light on social issues. In the late 1980s, DAYS was the first show to acknowledge that a husband forcing a wife to have sex was rape and not just him demanding she does her marital duty. The story of Jack raping Kayla was realistic, painful, and important because it took this...

All Roads Lead

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: All Roads Lead

Season 5, Episode 18: " All Roads Lead… "

Relationships have played a key ongoing role this season, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 18 continues the theme. Mother/daughter, husband/wife, would-be romance and even just straight-up friendship, all came into play. And boy, was it brutal for just about all of them. Ruby and Strucker played the star-crossed lovers, a Bonnie-and-Clyde duo ...