[WATCH] 'Will and Grace' Revival Premiere: The Same Show We've Missed

[WATCH] 'Will and Grace' Revival Premiere: The Same Show We've Missed

Will and Grace is returning after eleven years off the air, and not much has changed for this "basket of deplorables." Will and Grace are single and "temporary" roommates again, Jack and Karen are still best friends and the four interact with the same chemistry and easy banter from the original series. Fans of 90s sitcoms will enjoy the comfort of seeing these familiar faces get themselves into comedic crises once again.

The premiere episode of Will and Grace, "11 Years Later," expands on the political short released in 2016. The characters are each dealing with the election in their own way, as well as some new, modern struggles. The flashforward we saw in the series finale is explained away, and the show gets right back into doing what it does best: providing laughs while giving us a commentary on the political and social issues we experience every day.

Watch the "Vote Honey" short that launched the revival:

Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen discuss the presidential nominees while joking about each other's choice. When they realize Jack is considering not voting, Will and Grace attempt to convince him to vote for Hilary Clinton, while Karen wants him to vote for her friend "Donnie".

Watch the "Back This Fall" clip:

Will and Grace return to NBC studios to discuss the Will and Grace revival. Grace explains that she is unsure about returning and Will decides to show her something that will convince her to come on board. They return to the NBC set of their old apartment, where they find Karen and Jack. While voicing her fears, Grace begins to sing to the music of "As If We Never Said Goodbye" from the musical Sunset Boulevard. The rest of the cast joins in and the performance grows larger as Grace is convinced to stay. Their final note ends with the cast members standing in their signature poses from the original Will and Grace.

Watch the "Journey to Now" digital exclusive:

Will and Grace show creators and cast members discuss how they each came to fill their various roles in the original series, and what it's like to come back after eleven years away.

Watch the Megyn Kelly TODAY interview with show creators and cast members:

Cast members Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally share what fans can expect from the Will and Grace revival, and how it came to be.

Will and Grace premieres Thursday, September 28, at 9/8c on NBC.
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