[VIDEO] First 'Inhumans' Trailer Shows a Royal Coup, Sweeping Scope and a Huge Super-Powered Dog

[VIDEO] First 'Inhumans' Trailer Shows a Royal Coup, Sweeping Scope and a Huge Super-Powered Dog

As was previously reported, ABC has announced the premiere date for Marvel's Inhumans. Now the network has followed up that news with  the first trailer for the ambitious superhero series. While previous looks at the latest Marvel series haven't done much to show off what the series will be about, the trailer forms a very clear picture of Inhumans.

Though the first two episodes of  Inhumans were shot on IMAX cameras (and will be released in theaters ahead of the TV preimere), they don't look much different than any other TV show. Though this isn't necessarily a bad thing,  Inhumans does not look to be aiming for a motion picture level of quality with the production. Inhumans is not that much different in appearance than the CW superhero shows or Marvel's Agents of SHIELD. This might be disappointing to some but it is to be expected.

The trailer does show that while Inhumans might not look incredibly impressive it does have impressive goals. The trailer leans heavily into the show's initial Game of Thrones comparisons and has Iwan Rheon's character enacting some kind of revolution of power against his brother, the king of the Inhumans, Black Bolt. The plot has an aggressive and ambitious tone from the very start.

The trailer does make it seem like Inhumans won't solely take place in the otherworldly royal court, however. At the end of the teaser Black Bolt can be seen either getting banished or escaping to Earth, along with the real star of the trailer, his gigantic super-powered dog named Lockjaw. 


The trailer makes it appear as if Marvel's Inhumans will be split evenly between Black Bolt coming to Earth and the royal family civil war. It's a lot to ask of the audience right off the bat. Agents of SHIELD started off rather grounded and only got crazier through time. Inhumans appears to be trying to balance its craziest elements and the more casual story beats right away. Only time will tell if the approach will turn out to be successful. 

Are you more or less interested in the series after watching the trailer? Do you think the show will be able to pull off the balance? Will you be checking it out in September? Let us know in the comments below!

Marvel's Inhumans will premiere Friday, September 29 on ABC.

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