The Feud Between Alison and Paige Has Got to Go on 'Pretty Little Liars'

The Feud Between Alison and Paige Has Got to Go on 'Pretty Little Liars'

On season 7 episode 11 of Pretty Little Liars, we were transported back to season 3, as Alison, Emily and Paige all reunited at Rosewood High given their positions as members of the staff. When a staff committee was brought together to address some of the school's problems, Alison took back the reigns of her bitchy high school Queen Bee alter-ego, and all of the character development she'd made over the past two seasons had disappeared. It's honestly ridiculous how easily Alison was able to slip back into old habits. Paige, being a lot stronger and more confident than before, took on Alison with ease, but they have to remember one thing: they aren't in high school anymore.

Rosewood High

Emily, Alison and Paige aren't in high school anymore, yet they seem to forget that. All three are now members of the Rosewood High staff, and Alison has been a teacher there for longer than any of us know. They're now role models for the next batch of high school teens that are going through the same vigorous teen drama (aside from, you know, the stalking and murders.)

To see Alison and Paige fall immediately back into old habits is concerning. These two should've grown up by now, and should be able to deal with one another whether they like each other or not. They shouldn't be coming for each other like they're juniors in high school and they're both fighting over the same girl. Alison truly has a dark side that Paige, and anyone else who doesn't treat Alison like a victim, brings out. She was attacking Paige, not the other way around. Paige set out to be civil, and that's a big step for her character, and she just reacted when Alison started attacking her and bringing back memories of high school.

The Love Triangle

The love triangle between Alison, Emily and Paige has got to go too. It doesn't make sense; Paige and Emily's old relationship makes sense. They were together for two seasons on the show, and they got so close, even to the point where Emily told Paige about A and about Alison being alive, even though she didn't handle that information correctly.

Meanwhile, Alison and Emily have nothing. They have a few times where Ali made Emily feel like there was a possibility for more; they slept together in season 5 when everyone began turning against Alison, and then she kissed her recently to make sure Emily didn't leave. That's not a relationship, that's emotional manipulation. Alison only knows how to manipulate Emily's unfounded love for her, and she hasn't done anything to prove whether she has feelings for her or not.

High School Is Over

High school is over, girls, and it's time to grow up and act like the adults we're supposed to believe you are. No more desperate fighting over Emily's affection, no more "pigskin" comments, no more bitchy Alison. It's time to move on and put those habits in the past, otherwise they're giving A.D. exactly what they want. A.D. doesn't want any of the girls to move on, otherwise the game isn't as fun.

So end the feud between Paige and Alison, once and for all. They don't have to like each other. In fact, that definitely won't happen given their past. But they're working in the same place, they're going to see each other almost every day, and they both want to win Emily over. They can't fight like bratty high school students anymore when they have so much on their plate, and so much responsibility of the school and students on their shoulders. Plus, no one wants to see Alison in her old form.
What do you think? Do you enjoy seeing Alison and Paige fight, or do you want a truce? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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