Should 'Pretty Little Liars' End in Joy or Tragedy?

Should 'Pretty Little Liars' End in Joy or Tragedy?

After seven years of Pretty Little Liars, these girls have been through hell and back, yet they're still managing to carry on somehow. While many want to see the series end with the girls happy and carefree, the way the series has progressed makes it seem inevitable that it will end in some sort of tragedy. Whether that be one of the girls dying, or all of them dying, there's a chance that they'll never recover from the scars of their past, but given all they've been through, should they get a happy ending?

Why the Series Should Have a Happy Ending

After all these girls have been through, it'd be quite disappointing for them not to get their happy ending. They've fought through so much, lost so much, and their friendship has bonded them in unforgettable ways, so if one or all of them were to die, it would send a poor message to those fans of the show who are also going through a hard time that things won't get better.

The girls deserve their happy endings though. The fact is, they've been through more than any person should ever go through, lost so many people, and had to give up so many of their plans because they were being stalked and harassed by mysterious characters. Even when they hoped it had ended for good, three times, it began again, and the girls were thrust back into a world of deception and lies. They deserve happy lives with the jobs, men/women, and other relationships they want. Everything they want.

Why the Series Should End Tragically

Things on this show have always just gotten worse. It'd be different if things actually got better for these girls, but once they're happy, A always tears it away somehow. Having all five of these girls make it out of the game (relatively) unscathed would be out of character for the series.

They're supposed to suffer; that's what the game is, and it won't be over until these girls have suffered for every lie they've told. That's what their stalkers want. One girl could die (probably Alison), or they all could. Nonetheless, it doesn't change what the game is and what the show stands for. Plus, they've been no stranger to murder in the past. They've even committed it themselves.

How Should Pretty Little Liars End?

Personally, the series should end with the girls happy, but there should be tragedy there too. Maybe Alison dies to save the rest of the girls; it would make up for her dragging them into this years ago, and for the way she treated and manipulated them. Everything they've been through ties back to Alison somehow; Mona tortured them because of how Alison treated them, Charlotte did because she thought they were happy Alison died, and then because she was Alison's family and that was her favorite "doll."

Now they're tied to A.D. through Alison, too; if not for Alison, Elliott Rollins wouldn't have been murdered by Hanna, the girls wouldn't have had to clean it up, and her family wouldn't have caused someone else to start stalking them too. Charlotte's murder started it all again.

The girls deserve to be happy, but as long as Alison is in their lives, it wouldn't happen. Trouble follows that girl everywhere, as evidenced by seven seasons of the show, and it would be a nice parallel to the pilot for the girls to come together after her death. She'd want them to be happy after all they've went through. So, yes, the show should end with some tragedy, but the girls that we've followed for so long should be happy.
What do you think? Should the series end in joy or tragedy? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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