Is Winn Headed for Heartbreak on 'Supergirl'?

Is Winn Headed for Heartbreak on 'Supergirl'?

While fans have been focused on Kara and Mon-El and Maggie and Alex, one new relationship has slipped to the background on Supergirl: Winn and Lyra. They're a relatively new couple, and her unexpected appearance and sudden interest in Winn has us asking a few questions. Who is she? Did she really fall for Winn, or is it not a coincidence that she suddenly came into his life during this war with Cadmus?

Her appearance was rather sudden, and a relationship with Winn was struck up so suddenly. Who is she? She's an alien that he met at their new bar hangout, and that's pretty much all we know about her. What drew her in to Winn? Could it be his ties to Supergirl, or is it his new role at the DEO?

Her timing could just be coincidental, but why would an alien suddenly strike up an unexpected relationship with a human, especially with someone like Winn? We all want him to be happy, but his track record with women isn't really one to brag about. He yearned for Kara for a long time, he was involved with Siobhan/Silver Banshee, and now he's "found love" with Lyra.


There are many things that could've drawn her to Winn, especially as Cadmus is closing in on Kara, Mon-El, and the DEO. If Lyra is working with Cadmus, or with Mon-El's parents, or whatever else she may be doing, Winn is in for heartbreak. That's a given. He's grown so close to her so fast, and her betrayal could change his character, which is perhaps a path that should be explored.

Somehow after being the son of Toyman, having his girlfriend turn into a villain, and everything else Winn has been through, he's still managed to remain kind and trusting. Seeing as he's working at the DEO now, he's going to have to become a lot more skeptical of people who grow close to him. We see how Alex is with new people in her life, and Winn has to adapt a bit of that, too.

Will He Be Left Heartbroken?

That remains to be seen. There's nothing much more than Supergirl's track record for the distrust of Lyra; well, that, and how fast and unexpectedly she came into the picture and how close she got to Winn. Perhaps it's something Winn needs to further his character, though; he didn't react well when Kara rejected him, and then Siobhan turned into her evil alter-ego, so while he was hurt, it wasn't betrayal.

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