Is the Foreshadowing in 'The Walking Dead' Too Obvious?

Is the Foreshadowing in 'The Walking Dead' Too Obvious?

I know that a lot of The Walking Dead fans have read the graphic novels, so a lot of fans know what's coming before it happens. However, recently, The Walking Dead has been doing a lot of foreshadowing before the deaths of major characters. I noticed it with Abraham, and more recently in "Bury Me Here" with Benjamin and Richard. But is this really good for the show?

Isn't It Obvious?

All shows do it, but is it necessary? In a time when fans are looking for shock value, I hate to see one of my favorite shows falling down the hole of too much foreshadowing. I noticed it with the big cliffhanger before season 6 on The Walking Dead. The question of "who does Negan kill?" was often a conversation starter over the summer. However, it was pretty easy to figure out if you really watched that season finale. Abraham got very sentimental with Sasha, talking about starting a family and accepting his life now. Abraham was always a character who didn't talk about his feelings, so it seemed like his death was imminent. And it was.

The foreshadowing started earlier than Abraham though. Shortly before Denise was killed, she goes on and on about her past life and accepting her new life. And then boom, she's shot with an arrow right in the eye.

In "Bury Me Here," you immediately think that Richard will die, but again, if you pay close attention, you realize that Benjamin will go first. It starts with Morgan showing Benjamin's brother how to fight, and then later with Benjamin wanting to learn from Carol. And if only Carol had said yes. But she didn't, so Benjamin had to go on what becomes his final run.

But don't worry, Richard's death was foreshadowed too. Granted, he wanted to die by the hands of the Saviors. It's his goading of Morgan that leads to his death. He practically begged Morgan to kill him.

Is It Good?

I like the element of surprise. I like being shocked by a show. It keeps me on my toes; it keeps me interested. The Walking Dead is a great show, it can go on and on for a long time -- whether it follows the novels or not. I like when the writers surprise me and change up the storylines from the novels. It doesn't get boring that way.

I often think that if I can guess what's going to happen on a show, then the writers haven't done a good job at keeping me entertained. But perhaps I overthink things too much.

I do understand the concept of foreshadowing is sometimes good, but I think T he Walking Dead needs to focus more on building the storyline and the characters. Right now, there's a lot of moving pieces with several communities and groups trying to decide if they want to take down Negan. Everything needs to come together at some point, and I hope that in the final three episodes of season 7 I'm left with an open jaw from shock and surprise.
What do you think? Is too much foreshadowing on The Walking Dead? Do you like the hints? Or do you just go along for the ride? Let us know in the comments below.

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