5 Returning TV Shows to Catch up on Before the Fall 2017 TV Season

5 Returning TV Shows to Catch up on Before the Fall 2017 TV Season

The only thing more exciting than all the new shows that hit TV during the fall season is the return of old favorites. Fall is arguably the best time to be a TV fan as the most loved and most interesting shows are either starting up again or coming to life. 

Why not combine the two highs of a Fall TV season into one by catching up on old shows that are returning for their second or third season? There's a wealth of shows to watch but here are five that deserve your time.


The Good Place

This Kristen Bell and Ted Danson sitcom has been off the air for a relatively long amount of time. The Good Place had a pretty short first season, only 13 episodes, so it ended at the very start of 2017. However, the short length of The Good Place makes it a perfect binge before the show returns, especially since the first season ended on a huge cliffhanger twist. 

The twist won't be spoiled here, for obvious reasons. There's much more to enjoy about The Good Place than its shocking season 1 closer. It's a ridiculous but still heartwarming comedy with some truly talented stars. Kristen Bell and Ted Danson might be the most recognizable stars but they're far from the only very talented and very funny people on the show. The "soulmate" of Bell's character, Eleanor, Chidi (played by William Jackson Harper) is a relatively unknown delight. 

The Good Place returns for season 2 on Wednesday, September 20 on NBC. All episodes of The Good Place season 1 are streaming on Netflix. 

5 Returning TV Shows to Catch up on Before the Fall 2017 TV Season


It might've been easy to write off Riverdale as a silly teen soap when it premiered during the winter of 2017. While Riverdale is certainly a soap opera and the cast is stupidly attractive, there's a lot more to the show than star KJ Apa's abs. Based very loosely on the wholesome Archie comics, Riverdale is a beautifully moody but still funny drama about a small town.

Season 1 starts with a standard murder mystery but the show quickly balloons out of that one small twisty tale. The cast of characters are incredibly likable, even if the main character Archie can be a bit dense. Riverdale manages to suck you in with all the standard soap opera tropes but it's still clever enough to keep you guessing and involved. 

There's plenty of time to catch up too as Riverdale season 2 will premiere Wednesday, October 11 on The CW. All episodes of Riverdale season 1 are streaming on Netflix.

5 Returning TV Shows to Catch up on Before the Fall 2017 TV Season

This Is Us

This Is Us was the breakout hit of the Fall 2017 season so it's hard to imagine that many hardcore TV fans aren't caught up on the family drama. If you somehow missed the fervor surrounding the show, there's no time like the present to catch up. 

This Is Us follows the story of the Pearson Family in two time periods, one in present day and the other all over the past, but mainly in the 80s and 90s. It's all far less confusing than it sounds and the show is far more heartwarming and engaging than it has a right to be, honestly. 

This Is Us hits the perfect balance for a tear-jerking drama. It's emotional without being overly sappy but it still knows when to crack a joke and relieve the tension. A standard episode of This Is Us, not even a great one, can have the audience in tears and side-splitting laughter. Though the show tells the story of one family, as its title suggests, it feels universal. 

This Is Us will return for season 2 on Tuesday, September 26 on NBC. All episodes of This Is Us are available on Hulu and

5 Returning TV Shows to Catch up on Before the Fall 2017 TV Season

Legends of Tomorrow

The first season of Arrow and Flash's time-traveling spin-off was rough. The first year of Legends of Tomorrow saw the time-traveling team equally split between entertaining and interesting members and straight-up duds. The plot surrounding them wasn't all that compelling either. In season 2 though, Legends really found its stride and it's among the best that the CW superhero universe has to offer. 

Legends of Tomorrow isn't a particularly deep show but it's not trying to be one either. It's just pure and unadulterated fun. Despite just a fraction of the budget, Legends of Tomorrow manages to be just as enjoyable as any superhero movie in theaters and it happens on a weekly basis. It's the definition of popcorn entertainment but it does it very, very well.

With two shorter seasons there's plently of time to catch up before season 3's premiere on Tuesday, October 10 on The CW. All episodes of Legends of Tomorrow seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on Netflix.

5 Returning TV Shows to Catch up on Before the Fall 2017 TV Season


ABC doesn't lack family sitcoms. The network's comedy brand is built almost entirely on the family dynamic with shows like Modern Family, Black-ish and The Middle. The newest arrival this comedy line-up, Speechless, has been sadly overlooked. Speechless, which tells the story of a family with a special needs child, isn't as popular as its older sitcom brethen but it's just as good, if not better than them.

The disability of the eldest son, JJ, is the launching pad for the series. JJ and his inability to talk are just one part of the family's existence and the show. Speechless definitely has a message to get out there but it's first and foremost a very funny comedy. The show manages to be heartwarming and biting all at the same time. There's also no one working harder and being funnier on a comedy than Minnie Driver as the family's resident helicopter mom. 

Speechless returns for season 2 on Wednesday, September 27 on ABC. All episodes of Speechless season 1 are available on Hulu.

5 Returning TV Shows to Catch up on Before the Fall 2017 TV Season

Are you watching any of these shows? Do you agree people need to catch up? What underrated shows do you think others need to watch? Have you been convinced to pick any of these up? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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