The Vampire Diaries: An Unfriendly Face...
Season 8, Episode 13: " The Lies Are Going to Catch Up W... "

Previously on The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie gave Stefan the cure after he killed Enzo. Alaric and Damon found the weapon they think will kill Cade, and Kai showed up seemingly out of nowhere. This week's episode, titl... more

Emerald City: Will Roan Choose G...
Season 1, Episode 8: " Lions in Winter "

On this episode of Emerald City, "Lions in Winter," Glinda grows jealous over Roan's feelings for Dorothy, West has big plans for Princess Ozma, Langwidere and Jack's relationship seems doomed for failure and the Wi... more

Grey's Anatomy: Richard and Bailey...
Season 13, Episode 13: " It Only Gets Much Worse "

So, where to begin? Meredith Grey was not in this episode. Neither was Alex Karev. I think that's got to be a first. Also a first? An episode in which romantic shenanigans took a complete backseat to the practice of... more

How To Get Away With Murder: Annalise Gets a Mu...
Season 3, Episode 13: " It's War "

In the thirteenth episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled "It's War," a newly-freed Annalise makes it her mission to destroy Atwood while also trying to clear her name. Meanwhile, Nate learns who ... more

Scandal: Cyrus Sees the Oth...
Season 6, Episode 4: " The Belt "

Season 6 of Scandal narrates the rise and fall of Cyrus Beene. And now we've seen Cyrus at perhaps his lowest point. Typical Cyrus, though, tries to work manipulate his way out of jail. But does he still have it? In... more






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This Is Us: Will Ben Break up Jack and Rebecca on 'This Is Us?'

This Is Us fans know that Jack and Rebecca Pearson do not have a happy ending in their future. The matriarch and patriarch of the family will sadly not grow old together as Jack will die some time during The Big Three's teenage years. In "Jack Pearson's Son," This Is Us twisted the knife even deeper concerning Jack's death. Not only is Jack's death approaching in the flashback story, but the final moments of the episode suggested that Jack and Rebecca might not be on the best of terms when... more

The Bachelor: Rachel Lindsay on Breakup with 'Bachelor' Star Nick Viall: '...

Fans have yet to see how Rachel Lindsay's Bachelor journey will come to an end but the recently announced Bachelorette star is sharing her thoughts on her (eventual) split with Nick Viall. "I was definitely heartbroken over the situation," Lindsay told People of the breakup "I didn't expect it. I didn't think it would end that way for me." Despite the pain and misery, Lindsay has moved on. She truly wants Viall to find happiness and is also looking forward to her own. And hopefully, she'... more

The Bachelor: 'The Bachelor' Feud: It's Nick Viall vs. Olivia Caridi on Tw...

The Bachelor season 21 star Nick Viall and The Bachelor season 20 villain Olivia Caridi had some zesty exchange of words on social media following Monday's episode of The Bachelor When Caridi called out Viall for freaking out every time a woman declares her feelings for The Bachelor star-- a seemingly recurring theme on season 21-- Viall defended himself. [Twitter=] [Twitter=] Car... more

Riverdale (US): 'Riverdale' Theory: Did Betty Really Kill Jason Blossom?

Riverdale is far from the wholesome comics on which it is based. Miss Grundy is no longer an elderly battleaxe of a teacher; she is a hot young thing who is sleeping with one of her students. Veronica Lodge is not the prissy popular mean girl; she is the reformed prissy popular mean girl who is trying to do better in a new town. As for the episode "Chapter Three: Body Double" Betty Cooper is not just the perfect girl next door. She may be hiding a dark secret and an even more hidden double personality. Al... more

Bones: 'Bones': 10 Moments from 'The Scare in the Score' That Fores...

Bones' "The Scare in the Score" saw Booth find out who was after him because of something he did in the past -- but along the way, one of the family paid the ultimate price. Here are the moments that foreshadowed that tragic ending of "The Scare in the Score." "It's never as bad as you think it is." This might be what the husband of the woman who finds the victim's remains said, but it also applied to Brennan's concerns about her father -- only the final result ended up being much worse... more




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