Animal Kingdom: Homecoming
Season 3, Episode 12: " Homecoming "

  • Wolves
    Mia was right. Nicky is like a fish out of water. Stupid Nicky got a f...
  • Grace
    On Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 8, Smurf continued to try to manipulat...

Pope is on a suicide mission.  There was a possibility that Pope had every intention of doing in Smurf, but by the end of Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 12 there was a strong indication that the suicide k... more

Younger: Girls on the Side
Season 5, Episode 10: " Girls on the Side "

  • Ladies Who Lust
    I AM AUBREY ALEXIS!! It was pretty evident Edward LL Moore wasn't goin...
  • Me, Myself And O
    Sex sells!! That was a decent lesson on Younger Season 3 Episode 6, a...

Let me be perfectly clear, Liza is no one's damn side piece.  At least that's the conclusion she came to on Younger Season 5 Episode 10. There were a lot of different factors that went into her epic rea... more

Elementary: Uncanny Valley of ...
Season 6, Episode 16: " Uncanny Valley of the Dolls "

  • Miss Taken
    Well played, Elementary. Well played. You kept me guessing until the ver...
  • Alma Matters
    It's enough to make you hate higher education, isn't it? It's bad enough...

No one will ever look at Alexa the same again. Technology was a crime solver's friend on Elementary Season 6 Episode 16. Having a sex robot as a witness has got to be a first -- unless it was on Westwor... more

Elementary: How to Get a Head
Season 6, Episode 15: " How to Get a Head "

  • Miss Taken
    Well played, Elementary. Well played. You kept me guessing until the ver...
  • Alma Matters
    It's enough to make you hate higher education, isn't it? It's bad enough...

Elementary can always be counted on to provide education on the obscure to its viewers. For example, viewers learned that politicians can be venal, greedy people on Elementary Season 6 Episode 15. Shocke... more

Shades of Blue: Goodnight, Sweet P...
Season 3, Episode 9: " Goodnight, Sweet Prince "

  • Who Can Tell Me Who I Am
    There are the cries for help you hear, and those you don’t. Shades of B...
  • Good Police
    Detective Harlee Santos is fierce. She is resilient and smart and strong e...

There was only one way former FBI Special Agent Robert Stahl was going to leave Harlee alone.  He had to die. With only one installment left, it wasn't a surprise that Stahl didn't survive to see the en... more





Castle Rock

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Teen Choice Awards: TEEN CHOICE 2018 Complete List Of Winners

The following were honored today at TEEN CHOICE 2018TM, which aired live on FOX from the Forum in Los Angeles. This year, teens logged on to Twitter and and cast more than 150 million votes in support of their favorite teen icons in film, television, music, sports, fashion, comedy and the web. The star-studded event featured performances by Bebe Rexha, Meghan Trainor, Foster the People, Khalid, Lauv and Season One winner of THE FOUR: BATTLE FOR STARDOM, Evvie McKinney. TEEN CHOICE 2018 complete ... more

The Americans: 2018 TCA Awards Winners

2018 TCA Awards Winners – The Television Critics Association (TCA) celebrated the top programs and performances of the 2017-2018 television season tonight at the 34TH Annual TCA Awards ceremony. The invitation-only event at The Beverly Hilton hotel, was emceed by writer, producer, and TV personality Robin Thede, host of the recent BET series “The Rundown with Robin Thede.” Votes were cast by the TCA’s membership of more than 200 professional TV critics and journalists from the United States and C... more




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