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The Originals: Is Klaus Finally R...
Season 4, Episode 2: " No Quarter "

On this episode of The Originals, "No Quarter," Vincent's search for a missing boy unearths something evil from his past, Klaus wonders if Hope is better off without him and Hayley and the Mikaelson siblings risk th... more

The Originals: No Quarter
Season 4, Episode 2: " No Quarter "

Klaus Mikaelson is free from captivity! On The Originals Season 4 Episode 2, Klaus' family put their scheming into overdrive to ensure they all escaped New Orleans in one piece. It resulted in an hour th... more

Grimm: Zerstorer Shrugged
Season 6, Episode 12: " Zerstörer Shrugged "

  • Iron Hans
    He has killed man, the noblest game of all, and he had killed in the face of ...
  • Eve of Destruction
    Juliette is dead. Long live Eve. The Hexenbiest that was once Nick Burkh...

It's not often that an episode of television makes me want to slam my head into the wall repeatedly, but unfortunately Grimm Season 6 Episode 12 is just such an episode. When reasonably intelligent characters... more

Scandal: Has Huck Been Play...
Season 6, Episode 7: " A Traitor Among Us "

  • The Belt
    Cyrus Beene always finds a way to manipulate situations for his personal g...
  • A Traitor In The Midst
    Damn those ABC promos, y'all! Last week's teaser made it seem as if Jake...

Trust is the name of the game on season 6 of Scandal. Now that we know Eli killed Vargas, now we just have to figure out why. Well, we know he was being threatened, but just who is this new group? And while we're no... more

Grey's Anatomy: Will Owen & Amelia...
Season 13, Episode 17: " Till I Hear It From You "

Following the last self-contained episode (Japril, The Sequel), Grey's Anatomy's "Till I Hear it From You" returned to the show's usual format. It was a heartbreaking hour in which Maggie finally found out the truth... more





The Walking Dead

Episode 14, Season 7

Once Upon a Time

Episode 13, Season 6

Grey's Anatomy

Episode 17, Season 13

Fear The Walking D...

Episode 17, Season 2

The Flash

Episode 16, Season 3



Episode 17, Season 5


Episode 1, Season 5

Criminal Minds

Episode 17, Season 12

The 100

Episode 7, Season 4

The Vampire Diarie

Episode 1, Season 8



The Vampire Diaries: The 7 Most Sarcastic Characters on TV

What would our favorite TV shows be if we didn't have that one charater in each of them who says exactly what the cynic inside all of us is thinking? Sometimes the actions of our protagonists can get over-the-top ridiculous. It's these instances when we turn to characters like Big Bang's Sheldon Cooper to offer some smartass commentary. From sitcoms like this to dramas like Game of Thrones, let's look at seven of our favorite sarcastic characters on TV. 1. Spencer Hastings, Pretty Little ... more

The Big Bang Theory: 'The Big Bang Theory' Renewed for Seasons 11 and 12

The Big Bang Theory isn't going anywhere. CBS has officially renewed the top-rated comedy for two more seasons, each lasting a full 24 episodes, extending the show's life through 2019. The double-season renewal is a sign of long-term faith in the series, compounded by the recent order of the prequel spin-of series Young Sheldon. The 24-episode season has become standard for The Big Bang Theory over the past seven years. The additional 48 episodes will help propel The Big Bang Theory into one of ... more

Shades of Blue: NBC Renews SHADES OF BLUE For Season 3

“Shades of Blue ,” NBC’s gritty drama starring Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta about corruption in the NYPD and the ramifications that ensue, has been renewed for a third season. The announcement was made by Jennifer Salke, President, NBC Entertainment. “We’re so hugely appreciative of everything Jennifer and Ray do, and know it is due to their dedication, as well as the hard work of our incredible cast and producers, that ‘Shades of Blue ’ has so clearly and compellingly earned a third-seas... more

Detroiters: Comedy Central Renews DETROITERS For Second Season

The ad men of the Motor City keep their creativity flowing as Comedy Central has renewed Detroiters for a second season, it was announced today by Kent Alterman, President, Comedy Central . Executive produced, created and written by Sam Richardson, Tim Robinson, Joe Kelly and Zach Kanin and executive produced by Lorne Michaels, Jason Sudeikis, and Broadway Video’s Andrew Singer, the second season will launch next year. “Sam and Tim’s sweet, goofy friendship is so infectious, we’ve noticed people ... more

Dancing With the Stars: [WATCH] Why Nick Viall Is the Worst 'Bachelor' on 'Dancing w...

Dancing with the Stars kicked off season 24 with 12 new couples each giving us our first look at what they have to offer. Some soared (Simone Biles and Rashad Jennings) while others crashed and burned (Chris Kattan and Mr. T). But what about The Bachelor, Nick Viall? Partnered with new mom Peta Murgatroyd, Nick wants to aim higher than just being the best Bachelor on the show. However, he didn't even live up to that low bar. While the judges noted potential with his determination, there was a lot of ... more





Episode 6, Season 4

Sleepy Hollow

Episode 12, Season 4

Lucky Man

Episode 5, Season 2

Dr. Ken

Episode 21, Season 2


Episode 12, Season 6


RuPaul's Drag Race

Episode 1, Season 9

The Originals

Episode 2, Season 4

The Vampire Diarie

Episode 18, Season 8

The Blacklist: Red...

Episode 5, Season 1

Gangland Undercove

Episode 4, Season 2



Episode 11, Season 2

The Catch

Episode 3, Season 2

Sun Records

Episode 5, Season 1


Episode 10, Season 2

Impractical Jokers

Episode 6, Season 6