Elementary: For All You Know
Season 3, Episode 16: " For All You Know "

  • The Sovereign Army
    In the latest installment of Elementary, the stakes are raised as Joan and...
  • When Your Number's Up
    Joan officially moved back into the brownstone on Elementary Season 3 Epi...

Sherlock faced old demons on Elementary Season 3 Episode 16 after he was accused of murder. Murder isn't something a man like Sherlock (or anyone) would forget under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, this... more

The Blacklist: Red is Sold to the...
Season 2, Episode 14: " T. Earl King VI "

The Blacklist shows Lizzie in a bit of a role reversal in "T. Earl King VI" with Keen coming to Red's aid for once. After all of his swoop in saves of our favorite FBI agent, it's about time she got to repay the fav... more

Backstrom: Backstrom Attempts...
Season 1, Episode 7: " Enemy of My Enemies "

Backstrom introduces the titular character's father and nemesis in this episode entitled "Enemy of My Enemies." While I anticipated we'd find Blue Backstrom to be an extreme A-hole, I found him to be rather pleasant... more

Scandal: The Lawn Chair
Season 4, Episode 14: " The Lawn Chair "

Shonda Rhimes ripped Scandal Season 4 Episode 14 straight from the headlines, and if anyone is qualified to do so, it's her. "The Lawn Chair" was a story which ran parallel to the events of Ferguson, MO and w... more

Archer: Pocket Listing
Season 6, Episode 9: " Pocket Listing "

  • Nellis
    It's a new week here in Archerland with a new adventure that inevitably i...
  • The Papal Chase
    This week, Archer, Lana and Pam brushed up on their Romansh, packed some hero...

The "Will They/Won't They" question that used to fuel TV in the old days has given way to a television landscape in which the primary question is "Will They do it in Season 1 or Season 2?" Due to the expectations... more





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30 Rock: 6 Reasons You're Going to Love 'Battle Creek'

CBS just scored a new gem on their Sunday night lineup, and for that viewers everywhere are about to be very, very thankful. Battle Creek is procedural drama with a buddy cop element that just seals all of the excitement solving crimes while looking pretty entails. It takes place in Battle Creek, Michigan, which is a real place, and follows a small precinct who does the best they can with the very little budget they have. When a suave FBI agent comes to town "to help out" and brings his fancy gadgets and ... more

Agent Carter: 'Agent Carter': What Have We Learned from the First Female S...

Everything Marvel touches turns to gold lately, so much so that they decided to take a huge chance and produce the first female-led superhero story, Agent Carter, which just concluded its eight-episode run. Although many female-led projects are in the works, Peggy Carter is the leader of the pack, and her success or failure will undoubtedly affect the future of the female superhero genre. So now that the dust has settled, the question is: did she deliver? What should we take from this experience to the n... more

The 100: 7 Times 'The 100' Destroyed (and Then Restored) My Faith in ...

It ain't easy being young adults who are sent to Earth in order to determine if the planet's radiation levels are low enough for human survival. I mean, imagine those raging hormones. But these kiddos have survived, and each of them has kicked ass in their own way in the process. They've done some horrible things, but also some really wonderful things. Hey, they aren't even old enough to drink yet, so we can't expect them to be perfect. Here are all the times CW's  The 100 destro... more

The Bachelorette: Former 'Bachelorette' Star Andi Dorfman Spotted with Ex Nick...

Weeks after calling off her five-month engagement to Josh Murray, Bachelorette star Andi Dorfman was spotted with her former flame Nick Viall at Newport Bar & Grill in Chicago. The reunion immediately sparked rumors that the two are now dating.  "I didn't get the feeling that Andi was heartbroken. That's for sure," a source told OK! . "She was all over Nick, leaning her head on his shoulder, hugging him and whispering in his ear."  "He had his hand on her lap and kept buying her drinks," the s... more

The Following: 4 Reasons to Watch 'The Following' Season 3

I struggle with quitting TV shows. I've rarely done it. I even watched all four seasons of Prison Break for some reason. The Following is another show I can't seem to quit and it seems like FOX can't seem to quit airing it. It's not a show you necessarily hate-watch -- though I'm sure there are plenty of folks that do watch it for that reason. It's also not a show you watch for the blood and the gore since you can either turn to Hannibal for the high quality version of that type o... more





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