The 100: The Warriors Will
Season 5, Episode 10: " The Warriors Will "

Clinging to something that is already lost is a fascinating turn for a story to take, especially when the characters involved are fighting until the very end to gain back that control that is slipping away from t... more

Animal Kingdom: Incoming
Season 3, Episode 8: " Incoming "

  • Wolves
    Mia was right. Nicky is like a fish out of water. Stupid Nicky got a f...
  • Grace
    On Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 8, Smurf continued to try to manipulat...

It was a death stare match between Pope and Smurf, but only one of them will win. My bet will always be on Pope. The more he thought about it on Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 8, the more he convinced himse... more

Younger: Sex, Liza and Rock...
Season 5, Episode 6: " Sex, Liza and Rock & Roll "

  • Ladies Who Lust
    I AM AUBREY ALEXIS!! It was pretty evident Edward LL Moore wasn't goin...
  • Me, Myself And O
    Sex sells!! That was a decent lesson on Younger Season 3 Episode 6, a...

Kelsey has a problem on her hands on Younger Season 5 Episode 6, but honestly, it's the kind of problem I wouldn't mind having.  She has not one but two really charming, really good-looking men falling for ... more

The Bold Type: Betsy
Season 2, Episode 7: " Betsy "

Tough conversations are still ones that need to happen, especially when it comes from a place of love. This episode was a tough one to watch, not only for the characters but because of the feelings that it ma... more

Vice: Vice rocks!!!!!

  • Vice rocks!!!!!
    The best channel there is and all the shows so far rock!!!! Love this dam cha...

The best channel there is and all the shows so far rock!!!! Love this dam channel tho lol!!!!!i rate this 100⭐️⭐️⭐️ more





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