Nashville: s03 e06
Season 3, Episode 6: " Nobody Said It Was Going to be E... "

wow gunner doing the right thing good on ya. Rayna i dont blame you, Luke is not the man for u. Deacon is the man for you. Teddy seeing and escort who cares if they are happy and jeff paid it it. What jeff ... more

Criminal Minds: No Treats for Thes...
Season 10, Episode 5: " Boxed In "

Criminal Minds has had many, many scarier episodes than "Boxed In" -- it wouldn't even rank in the top 15 or maybe even 20 -- but what makes this one stand out is that it's about a very real fear parents have on Hal... more

American Horror Story: Edward Mordrake's ...
Season 4, Episode 4: " Edward Mordrake (2) "

Lots and lots to discuss in this week's American Horror Story: Freak Show. Not only do we get to learn about the backstories of Elsa and some of the other freaks, but we also finally get to learn about Twisty! Each ... more

Nashville: Will Rayna Choose ...
Season 3, Episode 6: " Nobody Said It Was Going to be E... "

On tonight's episode of Nashville, "Nobody Said It Was Going to Be Easy," Juliette and Avery try to work on their relationship. Rayna distances herself from Luke after the CMA nominations are announced. Gunnar wants... more

Big Brother: Edward Mordrake Cl...
Season 4, Episode 4: " BB4 Ep #4: Dana Wins Veto #1; Sc... "

American Horror Story Season 4 Episode 4 concluded the tale of Edward Mordrake, and the tale of Twisty the Clown, or "Twisted Clown" as my closed-captioning called him. (Yes, I watch TV with closed-captioning.... more





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Revolution: 'Revolution' Creator Eric Kripke Answers: Will the Story Liv...

When NBC announced their 2014-15 television schedule, Revolution was a glaring omission. While the network decided not to renew the series, Revolution fans have remained vocal about their desire to see more of the Mathison and Monroe families in the post-apocalyptic world. Over 67,000 fans have signed the "Relocate Revolution" petition with the hopes that Revolution would be revived by another network or cable channel.  This past weekend, TVBuzer spoke with Eric Kripke,  Revolution's creato... more

Once Upon a Time: 'Once Upon a Time' Interview: Lana Parrilla Warns Regina's ...

After coming together for Henry's sake, Regina and Emma have been a bit on the outs ever since Emma saved Marian's life and brought her to Storybrooke. With Elsa and the Snow Queen in town, they will be forced to work together on Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 5, "Breaking Glass." TVBuzer spoke with Lana Parrilla on the Vancouver set of Once Upon a Time earlier this month to get the scoop on their troubled relationship and whether Regina will be able to overcome the sense of betrayal to team ... more

The Blacklist: 'The Blacklist' Recap: Liz Finally Reveals What's Behind the...

"The Mombasa Cartel" promised so much in the promos -- a hunt for evil poachers, Ressler in a cage, Red trying for a daughter reunion and Liz showing us what she has stashed behind door number one. The Blacklist delivers on all counts in this week's offering, one of the best and most disturbing of the season. Our Blacklisters are fighting for animals in this installment but also find themselves fighting some demons of their own. Liz and Red have a stand-off over what she's hiding, Ressler continue... more

Parenthood: 'Parenthood' Recap: Crosby's Downward Spiral and Amber's Dat...

Zeek continues to recover from his surgery, Julia continues her new relationship, and Amber tries to start a new one herself in Parenthood's "The Scale of Attraction is Fluid." Max's Big Crush Kristina and Adam deal with Max's interest in Dylan more on this episode of NBC's  Parenthood, but they have different opinions on how to pursue the subject. Adam tells Max the key is to have and discuss common interests, and he encourages his son to pursue Dylan. Kristina, on the other hand, is n... more

Miranda: Miranda to end after this year's Christmas Specials

Miranda Hart has announced that there will be no more episodes of her hit BBC sitcom 'Miranda' following this year's two Christmas episodes. She believes that the time is now right for the show to end and she wants it to go out on a high. The show also stars Tom Ellis, Sarah Hadland and Patrica Hodge. more




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