Famous in Love: A Star Is Torn
Season 1, Episode 2: " A Star is Torn "

  • A Star Is Torn
    Paige's jerk dad and her fangirl mom came to town on Famous In Love Seaso...

Paige's jerk dad and her fangirl mom came to town on Famous In Love Season 1 Episode 2, and things were (briefly) not looking so good for her fledgling acting career. For all of the drama surrounding her dad... more

Chicago Fire: Carry Their Legacy
Season 5, Episode 19: " Carry Their Legacy "

A blast from the past for Casey was never going to end with two old friends catching up of beers at Molly's. Poor Kannell on showed up on Chicago Fire Season 5 Episode 19 so that he could go through an extremel... more

The Flash: Who Finds Out Savi...
Season 3, Episode 19: " The Once and Future Flash "

Barry takes a trip to the future in hopes of finding out who Savitar is in this episode of The Flash, but things are really, really bleak in 2024. (And that's without taking into account that future headline from th... more

Pretty Little Liars: Where Does the Boa...
Season 7, Episode 12: " These Boots Were Made For Stalki... "

  • Cat's Cradle
    The Liars have gathered to discuss Ali's parrot that was taken to close out l...
  • Ravenswood,The Prequel
    After the amazing Pretty Little Liars summer finale, viewers were expecting ...

Jenna is back stealing dresses with a blind posse, Hanna is nearly murdered by shoe cobbling, Emily goes toe to toe with Alison's high school doppelganger, and Aria briefly considers murdering Nicole. It's pretty mu... more

iZombie: Does Major Find Na...
Season 3, Episode 4: " Wag the Tongue Slowly "

  • Pour Some Sugar, Zombie
    Things get sexy in iZombie Season 2 Episode 16 with Liv on a stripper br...
  • Blaine's World
    Julien searches Major's car and finds an envelope. He goes back to Meat Cute ...

In this episode of iZombie, titled "Wag the Tongue Slowly," Liv eats the brain of a big-mouthed, office gossip girl who dies due an unfortunate dairy accident, and Major finally gets a concrete lead as to Natalie's ... more





Once Upon a Time

Episode 18, Season 6

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The Blacklist

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Doctor Who

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Freeform Releases Trailers for 'Marvel's Cloak and Dagger' a...

Superheroes and mermaids are coming to Freeform in 2018. The network revealed its plans for the future at its annual Upfront presentation, including trailers for the newest Marvel TV adaptation, Cloak and Dagger, and a new mermaid drama Freeform has picked up. Marvel's Cloak and Dagger centers on two teens from different backgrounds who fall in love while discovering that they have superpowers. The show joins the long list of ABC and Netflix shows from Marvel properties and will premiere in early 201... more

Criminal Minds: 'Criminal Minds' Season Finale Spoilers: Reid Battles a Form...

The 12th season of Criminal Minds on CBS is coming to a close and we now know what to expect from the finale, including the highly anticipated return of star Shemar Moore. The episode, called "Red Light," features a blast from the past that Reid (played by actor Matthew Gray Gubler) experiences from a former enemy. But another familiar face also resurfaces as Shemar Moore's character, Derek Morgan, returns following his exit from the show after 11 seasons. It's not clear how big of a role Derek w... more

Dancing With the Stars: Why Rashad, Simone or Normani Will Win 'Dancing with the Sta...

We've reached the halfway point of Dancing with the Stars season 24 and even though there are eight couples still in the competition, only three have a chance to win it the Mirror Ball. It should come as no surprise that frontrunners Simone Biles, Normani Kordei and Rashad Jennings are the only three stars with a chance at victory. It's easy to point to the facts that they are the only three stars who have received 10s from the judges or that they are the three with the highest cumulative total s... more

The CW Sets Finale Dates: Two-Hour 'Supernatural' and the En...

The CW has officially sets its finale dates for its 10 scripted shows this season. Three of them will extend well into June while one is getting a special two-hour finale. The CW finales begin on Thursday, May 11 with the end of the first season of Riverdale. The following week, Supernatural will end with back-to-back episodes starting at 8/7c. iZombie and The Originals, the only two shows that have yet to receive news on whether they will be back next season, will both end at the end of June. And Reign... more

Criminal Minds: 'Criminal Minds' Theory: Could Lindsey Vaughn Have Framed Re...

With only three episodes of Criminal Minds season 12 left to go, Reid's still in prison and still putting together what happened in that motel room in Mexico. He did make progress during his last conversation with Tara, remembering that Mr. Scratch drugged him, but then he said that she told him it was "time to go" and she walked out of there and wanted him to chase her. "It wasn't Scratch who framed me," he explained. "It was a woman." Assuming we can trust that memory, who is that woman? It see... more




The Americans

Episode 8, Season 5

The Detour

Episode 11, Season 2

The Detour

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Geordie Shore

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Through the Wormho...

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Chicago Fire

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Marvel's Agents of...

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Imaginary Mary

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Great News

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Famous in Love

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Great News

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Face Off

Episode 14, Season 11