How To Get Away With Murder: Annalise Makes a B...
Season 4, Episode 4: " Was She Ever Good at Her Job? "

  • It's War
    Annalise Keating is not the type of person to be messed with.  She ma...
  • Annalise Gets a Much-Needed Win
    In the thirteenth episode of season 3 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled ...

In the fourth episode of season 4 of How to Get Away with Murder, titled "Was She Ever Good at Her Job?," Annalise is in good spirits thinking that she's found her purpose in the class action lawsuit. Bonnie, howeve... more

Gotham: The Blade's Path
Season 4, Episode 5: " A Dark Knight: The Blade's Path "

Bruce broke his one rule when Ra's al Ghul pushed him to his limit, and Sofia Falcone tried to weasel her way into Penguin's heart, but the highlight of Gotham Season 4 Episode 5 was when Ed Nygma met the new a... more

Supernatural: The Rising Son
Season 13, Episode 2: " The Rising Sun "

  • Scarecrow
    Burkitsville, Indiana One Year Ago Vince and Holly Parker, a newlywed couple...
  • Sam and Dean's Crime Spree
    This week's Supernatural is titled "Slash Fiction," and thankfully it has not...

Opening with a few familiar bickering demons in Hell's throne room, Supernatural Season 13 Episode 2 "The Rising Son" begins with the grand, flashy entrance of Asmodeus, Prince of Hell. There's a new sher... more

Scandal: Day 101
Season 7, Episode 3: " Day 101 "

  • The Belt
    Cyrus Beene always finds a way to manipulate situations for his personal g...
  • A Traitor In The Midst
    Damn those ABC promos, y'all! Last week's teaser made it seem as if Jake...

Moving on is a difficult thing to do.  On Scandal Season 7 Episode 3 we finally found out what Fitz was doing when he left the oval, and it resulted in an hour I would very much like to get back. After ... more

Gotham: Bruce Faces Ra's a...
Season 4, Episode 5: " A Dark Knight: The Blade's Path "

On this episode of Gotham, titled "A Dark Knights: The Blade's Path," Butch awakens and adopts an alter ego, Sofia tries to get close to Penguin and Bruce seeks revenge against Ra's al Ghul.After being shot in the h... more





American Horror St...

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Supernatural: [WATCH] 'Supernatural' Star Jared Padalecki Talks Kids and L...

It's a big week for the cast of Supernatural. Season 13 premiered, the stars landed the cover of Entertainment Weekly and, on Thursday night, Jared Padalecki appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The interview kicked off with Jared discussing his time on Supernatural, eventually telling Jimmy about how he and Jensen Ackles killed Jared's wife (Genevieve Padalecki) on the show back in season 4. They laugh about how traumatizing that might be for their kids, leading to Jared doing a funny impression of hi... more

Dirk Gently (US): 'Dirk Gently' Cast and Creator Preview Season 2: 'Emotionall...

Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency is back with a second season that's even more delightfully bizarre than its first -- in all the best ways -- and TVBuz got the scoop on what to expect from series stars Samuel Barnett, Elijah Wood, Jade Eshete, Hannah Marks, Mpho Koaho and Fiona Dourif and creator Max Landis. Season 2 Is Still Crazy, But Not as Much a Head Mess Part of what makes Dirk Gently so much fun is just how weird it gets -- and then how it just keeps getting even weirder. And that&... more

Dancing With the Stars: 4 Fun Facts About Disney Night on 'Dancing with the Stars'

Disney Night has become a staple of Dancing with the Stars, though a relatively new one. The magical evening that finds the couples performing routines inspired by classic and beloved Disney films first showed up in season 18 and has appeared in every Spring season since then. But for season 25, Disney Night is coming to the Fall for the first time. With four previous Disney Nights and a total of 37 routines, we've seen a lot of great content come out of this theme. To this day, Riker Lynch and Allis... more

Outlander: Did 'Outlander' Wait Too Long to Reunite Jamie and Claire?

Fans of the steamy Starz romance have come to rely on a certain amount of romantic tension between its leads. Without the love story between Jamie and Claire, Outlander wouldn't be much more than historical fiction about two (kinda) boring folks. It seems like the writers should know this by now. To this end, it also seems like they should have brought Jamie and Claire back together long before the closing moments of "Freedom and Whisky." It took them five whole episodes, for heaven's sake. The s... more

Arrow: 'Arrow' Season 6: How Will Oliver Handle That Premiere Shock...

There's nowhere to hide for Mayor Oliver Queen, now officially known as the Green Arrow. "Nobody can know my secret" was Oliver's (Stephen Amell) mantra from day one, but no man is an island unto himself. He's killed with conviction and lied with pathological ease, either halting the curious in their tracks or bringing them into his inner circle. Now that all his sins have been laid bare on national television, what's a vigilante to do? The answer, of course, is smile. Smile and lie.  ... more




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