Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L...: A Life Spent
Season 5, Episode 3: " A Life Spent "

Set-up is important. How did our characters get here? What are their reasons for doing what they're doing? Etcetera, etc. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 5 Episode 3 encountered one of the downsides of serialized s... more

Once Upon a Time: Lady Tremaine's Tr...
Season 7, Episode 9: " One Little Tear "

In the ninth episode of season 7 of Once Upon a Time, titled "One Little Tear," Lady Tremaine strikes a deal in order to free herself from jail so she can wake Anastasia, but the cost of saving one life may be the l... more

Once Upon a Time: One Little Tear
Season 7, Episode 9: " One Little Tear "

Victoria Belfrey is no longer a one-dimensional character, you guys! On Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 9, we finally got some insight into the character, and we found out whether she had any relation to ... more

The Exorcist: Ritual & Repetitio...
Season 2, Episode 9: " Ritual & Repetition "

How horrific for those poor kids. On The Exorcist Season 2 Episode 9, demon Andy became the kids' worst nightmare when he held them hostage at the island's haunted witch house. Although it was beyond ter... more

Z Nation: Return to Mercy La...
Season 4, Episode 11: " Return to Mercy Labs "

  • The Vanishing
    As The Murphy always says, "Never get out of the boat." On Z Nation S...
  • Warren's Wedding
    Well, that was different. Z Nation Season 4 Episode 7 starts in a dec...

At long last, the true purpose of Black Rainbow is revealed. Z Nation Season 4 Episode 11 finally gives us the goods on Black Rainbow, and it exactly lines up with the theory I put forth in my review of Z ... more





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Supergirl: 'Supergirl' Midseason Finale Photos: Supergirl vs. Reign

The fight against the Earth-X Nazis is over, which means Supergirl and Alex are back on their Earth with a new nemesis to uncover and battle in Reign. To complicate matters, they don't realize the foe is someone close to them in their own circle of friends.  The official episode description from the CW says, "Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) investigates a mysterious symbol popping up all over National City, tracing its origins back to an ancient prophecy and the mark of the World Killer, Reign (Odetee A... more

Arrow: 'Arrow' Midseason Finale Photos: Another Olicity Wedding

Felicity and Oliver may have exchanged vows after interrupting Iris and Barry's waterfront nuptials during the crossover, but they aren't done yet. Could it be because they didn't have a marriage license in Star City? Regardless, Olicity gets a big ceremony with their friends and family there to celebrate. The official episode description from the CW says, "Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) is kidnaped by Black Siren (Katie Cassidy) and Cayden James (guest star Michael Emerson), who are lookin... more

The Bachelor: Former 'Bachelor' Star Nick Viall Looking Forward to 'Meet S...

Three months since breaking up with fiancee Vanessa Grimaldi, Bachelor star Nick Viall is back in the dating game. The 37-year-old reality TV star turned actor, who recently appeared on the ABC comedy series Speechless, hasn't given up on love despite his failed attempts on The Bachelorette seasons 10 and 11, the third season of Bachelor in Paradise and on The Bachelor season 21.  "I'm out there, we'll see what happens," Viall. who has no plans to return to the reality dating franchise, told... more

The Bachelor: Former 'Bachelor' Star Vanessa Grimaldi Talks Life Post-Nick...

Vanessa Grimaldi has been living her life to the fullest since parting ways with Bachelor star Nick Viall. The 29-year-old Montreal-based special education teacher is happily single and isn't exactly looking for love these days but she feels a sense of fulfillment doing her "thing." "I think it's important, you know, after you get out of a serious relationship, to just take time for yourself and feel comfortable in your own space alone. I'm really enjoying that time to myself right now," she... more

The Gifted: Could Esme Really Be Working for Dr. Campbell on 'The Gifted...

During The Gifted in "outfoX," Esme manipulates fears and feelings to get her own way. She pushes for the team to break into Trask Industries, saying that she wants to save her family. However, there are constant smirks and glances as she listens into private conversations and gets her own way. Is it possible she's working for Dr. Campbell or could she have another ploy up her sleeve? Dr. Campbell May Be Blackmailing Esme Esme doesn't appear to be under the drug influence that others have been. ... more





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