Star: Talk About Your Da...
Season 1, Episode 4: " Code of Silence "

On this episode of Star, 'Code of Silence,' Simone's foster father shows up looking for her. Initially Star does not believe her, but after their performance at the hair show, his presence is impossible to deny and ... more

Lethal Weapon: Is Murtaugh Guilty...
Season 1, Episode 12: " Brotherly Love "

This week's Lethal Weapon fix, "Brotherly Love," isn't as testosteroney as its predecessors, but that's mostly because Murtaugh is suffering from a defective pacemaker and needs to take it easy. Of course, when your... more

Frequency: Who Takes Down the...
Season 1, Episode 12: " Harmonic "

On this episode of Frequency, "Harmonic," Raimy questions Robbie, Meghan gives Raimy information that leads to some damning evidence against the Deacon and Frank is investigated by Internal Affairs.With Deacon Joe a... more

Bones: [WATCH] Preview: ...
Season 12, Episode 3: " The New Tricks in the Old Dogs "

The case is going to be personal for Booth in Bones' "The Price for the Past." In fact, the episode is going to bring the past to the present for another character as well.In the fourth episode of the series' final ... more

Bull: Dr. Bull Takes on ...
Season 1, Episode 11: " Teacher’s Pet "

In this episode, "Teacher's Pet," Bull tackles the issue of romantic relationships between teachers and their students. The TAC team is recruited by Liberty to prosecute a high school English teacher that has slept ... more





This Is Us

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The Vampire Diarie

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The Blacklist

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Marvel's Agents of...

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Law & Order: SVU

Episode 9, Season 18



The Walking Dead: [WATCH] AMC Reveals Spring 2017 Trailers and Premiere Dates,...

AMC has set premiere dates for three big spring dramas, including the third season of Emmy-nominated Better Call Saul, in addition to offering fans new trailers for the shows. And for Breaking Bad fans, the network made it official that a familiar face will finally be appearing on the show's prequel. Better Call Saul returns for season 3 on Monday, April 10 at 10/9c. Picking up right where season 2 left off, the new season will include the arrival of guest star Giancarlo Esposito as Gus Fring, the dr... more

American Horror Story: FX Renews 'American Horror Story' for Seasons 8 and 9, Sets ...

FX's original anthology series American Horror Story isn't going anywhere for a long time. While the network has already renewed the series for a seventh season, today FX revealed that AHS has also been renewed for two more years beyond that, seasons 8 and 9. The multi-year renewal enshrines American Horror Story as FX's definitive series. In its first five seasons it has won 15 Emmy Awards and, even more impressively, 12 of FX's 15 most-watched telecasts EVER are episodes of American Hor... more

The Bachelor: 'The Bachelor' Week 3 Photos: Nick and the Women Get Down an...

Nick may have a lot of explaining (and groveling) to do after the women learn he hooked up with Liz, but it's season 21 of The Bachelor and group dates must go on. Seven of the women get to rock their bodies because the Backstreet Boys are back, alright! The uber-popular boy band helps Nick make it a memorable date as the women and their dream guy prepare to take the stage. Nick also recruits former Olympians Carl Lewis, Allyson Felix and Michelle Carter to train seven bachelorettes for the first-ever... more

The Bachelor: [Video] 'The Bachelor' Preview: Corinne Surprises Nick and T...

Things are about to get intense on the next episode of The Bachelor following Liz's elimination and Nick Viall's confession to the rest of the ladies. Corinne, who has already established herself as a villain so early in the season, continues to take center stage while becoming the ire of the rest of the ladies.  In the video, bikini-wearing Corinne surprises a topless Nick with a bouncy castle, where they jump again and again.  "I love how fun and playful Corrine is," Nick says in the confess... more

Bones: Our 5 Favorite Good Cops on TV

What makes a good cop? Someone you feel safe around? Someone who cares? Someone who thinks five steps ahead? From sitcom sheriffs to crime drama detectives, television is the home to some truly impressive boys (and girls) in blue who truly embody these traits. It's always great when we get to see a cop on TV who goes above and beyond the line of duty. From Criminal Minds to The Flash, certain officers continue to impress us and exemplify everything we want a cop to be. Here are five of our favorite co... more




Man Seeking Woman

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Chicago PD

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It's Always Sunny ...

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Too Close to Home

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Girlfriend’s Guide...

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Law & Order: SVU

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Fresh Off the Boat

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