WHAT TO WATCH TONIGHT?  Saturday, Apr 18, 2015



Daredevil: Avocados At Law
Season 1, Episode 9: " Speak of the Devil "

  • Into the Ring
    Holy Vigilante Batman! DC better take Marvel TV more seriously now. For ...
  • Into the Ring
    The Past Boxer Jack Murdock is walking home and hears car horns up ahead. Re...

It had been such an intense ride up to this point, that Daredevil Season 1 Episode 9 and Daredevil Season 1 Episode 10 seemed to slow things down a bit too much for my taste. Don't get me wrong, there were stil... more

The Messengers: Review: A Fresh Lo...
Season 1, Episode 1: " Awakening "

  • Awakening
    In addition to vampires, superheroes, and werewolves, The CW has now added...
  • Premiere Angels Among Us
    The premiere episode of CW's The Messengers drives viewers straight into the ...

The CW adds one more supernatural drama to its large and growing repertoire, with The Messengers (premiering April 17). After a mysterious object inexplicably crash lands on Earth, its explosion bestows supernatural... more

The Messengers: Premiere Angels A...
Season 1, Episode 1: " Awakening "

  • Awakening
    In addition to vampires, superheroes, and werewolves, The CW has now added...
  • Premiere Angels Among Us
    The premiere episode of CW's The Messengers drives viewers straight into the ...

The premiere episode of CW's The Messengers drives viewers straight into the action when one character, Rose, is gunned down within the first five minutes of the show. Not only does the drama and mystery begin strai... more

The Amazing Race: The Race Turns Bea...
Season 26, Episode 8: " Moment of Truth "

Six teams remain on The Amazing Race this season, comprised of three dating couples and three blind date couples, and on the last leg they got a taste of the glamorous life in Monaco. The ladies donned fashionable g... more

Lost Girl: Like Hell, Pt. 1
Season 5, Episode 1: " Like Hell (1) "

  • I'm a Monster
    Both Bo's past and future came to haunt her in "Raging Fae." Is she a monster...
  • Is Bo the Savior?
    Lost Girl got super freaky when Bo entered Dyson's memory and she envision...

When Kenzi sacrificed herself at the end of Lost Girl Season 4, we knew Bo would do whatever necessary to save her bestie, to save her heart. In Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 1, we see we were right. No obstacle, ... more





The Big Bang Theor

Episode 21, Season 8

The Vampire Diarie

Episode 18, Season 6


Episode 19, Season 3


Episode 18, Season 10

Grey's Anatomy

Episode 20, Season 11


Game of Thrones

Episode 1, Season 5

The Originals

Episode 18, Season 2


Episode 19, Season 4

The Flash

Episode 18, Season 1

Once Upon a Time

Episode 18, Season 4



Arrow: 'Daredevil' Scores a Bullseye

This year has been a bumper crop for superheroes. We've had Playstation launch 'Powers' , 'Heroes Reborn' is coming soon, and 'The Flash" has merged comic book style actions with modern-day subplotting and a truly frightening villain or two. Admittedly, 'Arrow' has been kind of moribund in its third season. And 'Gotham' continues to be a superhero show that isn't about superheroes. And a crime drama with pretty goofy criminals. But topping them all is Netflix&... more

Game of Thrones: 4 Reasons Why 'Game of Thrones' Leaving the Books Behind Is ...

The season five premiere of Game of Thrones might not have the most major of changes from the books, but it certainly had the most voluminous. "The Wars to Come" had minor tweaks in nearly every scene from how they occurred in the source material. When this development is considered in addition to the pre-premiere interviews by showrunners Beinoff and Weis and George R.R. Martin it looks like HBO's  Game of Thrones is forging its own path. The show that was originally a very faithful adaptation look... more

Castle: 'Castle' Season 8: Nathan Fillion Signed On, But What about ...

ABC has yet to renew Castle but lead star Nathan Fillion has already signed on for season 8. While odds are in favor of the crime drama series returning for the fall, several developments (or lack thereof) are brewing behind the cameras, including the search for a new showrunner and the fate of co-star Stana Katic, whose contract is up at the end of this season. Executive producer David Amann, who previously replaced series creator Andrew Marlowe as show runner, is stepping down and there is no word yet ... more

Arrow: 'Arrow': 3 Possible Ways to Deal with Thea Queen

There was a lot of hype from cast and crew going into  Arrow's, aptly titled "Broken Arrow". This was one of the rare occasions where the hype actually delivered. At the end of "Broken Arrow" one character (may have) died and another left Starling City forever. But can the show survive without them? Is this really a good idea? Warning: This article contains major spoilers from CW's Arrow episode, "Broken Arrow" Assuming you're all still with us, you're caught up on Arrow and we can get ... more

Modern Family: ABC Sets 2015 Season Finale Dates for 'Scandal,' 'Once Upon ...

Our favorite shows are about to come to an end for the season. ABC is the latest network to announce 2015 season finale dates for its shows. Secrets and Lies will start everything off at the beginning of the month, on May 3. The rest of that week will see the finales for Forever on May 5 and Scandal on May 7. Revenge will close out its current season on May 10, following Once Upon a Time. It has not been confirmed yet if the Emily VanCamp-starring drama will be renewed for another season or not. The mos... more




The Messengers

Episode 1, Season 1

Shark Tank

Episode 25, Season 6

Whose Line Is It A...

Episode 1, Season 11


Episode 22, Season 1


Episode 18, Season 4


The Amazing Race

Episode 8, Season 26

The Amazing Race

Episode 7, Season 26

Last Man Standing

Episode 22, Season 4


Episode 2, Season 5

American Crime

Episode 7, Season 1



Episode 9, Season 3


Episode 7, Season 1


Episode 3, Season 1


Episode 20, Season 3

The Comedians (US)

Episode 2, Season 1