The 100: DNR
Season 4, Episode 9: " DNR "

The end of the world is nearly here, and it looks like we'll be going out with a bang. The 100 Season 4 Episode 9 was a sprawling set-up, launching us into the final four episodes of the season. And boy, are... more

The 100: Is There a New Com...
Season 4, Episode 9: " DNR "

On this episode of The 100, "DNR," Clarke tries to broker peace between Trikru and Azgeda, Raven is revisited by Becca and Roan comes up with a plan to determine who survives Praimfaya and who dies. Count on mankind... more

Arrow: Team Arrow Has To ...
Season 5, Episode 19: " Dangerous Liaisons "

Adrian Chase is a known serial killer after the epsiode "Disbanded," but Team Arrow is no closer to finding him. Chase has been off the map since his identity was revealed by Team Arrow and there is no hope or way o... more

Criminal Minds: Reid Remembers Who...
Season 12, Episode 20: " Unforgettable "

  • Awake
    This tale of torture and sadness provided a roller-coaster of emotions, cu...
  • Derek
    That was a compelling and intense, edge-of-your-seat story, from beginning...

Criminal Minds is putting the pieces in place for the end of the season, and with only two episodes to go after this one, they can't draw it out any longer: the person who framed Reid has to be revealed. And she is.... more

Designated Survivor: The White House Le...
Season 1, Episode 18: " Lazarus "

  • The Interrogation
    Tom Kirkman believes he can be the catalyst for change. He believes he can...
  • Commander-in-Chief
    As much as we'd like to think so, not every day in the life of the Preside...

On the latest episode of Designated Survivor titled "Lazarus," President Kirkman considers serious candidates for Vice President. His administration's Speaker of the House, Kimble Hookstraten, finds herself embroile... more





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The CW Sets Finale Dates: Two-Hour 'Supernatural' and the En...

The CW has officially sets its finale dates for its 10 scripted shows this season. Three of them will extend well into June while one is getting a special two-hour finale. The CW finales begin on Thursday, May 11 with the end of the first season of Riverdale. The following week, Supernatural will end with back-to-back episodes starting at 8/7c. iZombie and The Originals, the only two shows that have yet to receive news on whether they will be back next season, will both end at the end of June. And Reign... more

Criminal Minds: 'Criminal Minds' Theory: Could Lindsey Vaughn Have Framed Re...

With only three episodes of Criminal Minds season 12 left to go, Reid's still in prison and still putting together what happened in that motel room in Mexico. He did make progress during his last conversation with Tara, remembering that Mr. Scratch drugged him, but then he said that she told him it was "time to go" and she walked out of there and wanted him to chase her. "It wasn't Scratch who framed me," he explained. "It was a woman." Assuming we can trust that memory, who is that woman? It see... more

Pretty Little Liars: The Feud Between Alison and Paige Has Got to Go on 'Pretty L...

On season 7 episode 11 of Pretty Little Liars, we were transported back to season 3, as Alison, Emily and Paige all reunited at Rosewood High given their positions as members of the staff. When a staff committee was brought together to address some of the school's problems, Alison took back the reigns of her bitchy high school Queen Bee alter-ego, and all of the character development she'd made over the past two seasons had disappeared. It's honestly ridiculous how easily Alison was able to sl... more

Once Upon a Time: Why Snow and Charming's Curse Should Have Lasted Longer on '...

In a season that hasn't seen the heroes succeed much,  Once Upon a Time offered a big victory for the Charming family in "Awake." Snow and Charming finally awakened from their sleeping curse thanks to a literal town effort. The method that Once Upon a Time used to lift the curse was heartwarming but it might have been just a bit too easy. Once Upon a Time probably would have been better served in letting Snow and Charming sleep off the final battle than bringing them back quite so quickly. I'm a... more

Scandal: Portia de Rossi Explains Why She Left 'Scandal'

Scandal season 6 opened with the death of the president-elect, but it turns out that was the second most shocking death the season had in store. In "Trojan Horse" another major Scandal character met another brutal demise as Portia de Rossi's Elizabeth was murdered in front of (now) new President Mellie Grant. In a statement released to TVLine Portia talked about her character's death and assured fans that the decision to leave Scandal was all her own. Elizabeth's death took almost every Scand... more





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