Shadowhunters: A Window Into An E...
Season 3, Episode 6: " A Window Into an Empty Room "

Heidi's long-awaited reunion with Simon finally happened on Shadowhunters Season 3 Episode 6 and it was...awkward. Her first visit with him definitely didn't go like she planned. She escaped Raphael's clutche... more

The 100: Season 5 Preview: ...
Season 5, Episode 1: " Eden "

The 100 returns for its fifth season with a new kind of war. Attempting to reunite Clarke (Eliza Taylor), who is currently on the ground; Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos), who is spearheading Wonkru in the bunker; and B... more

The Resident: And the Nurses Get...
Season 1, Episode 11: " And the Nurses Get Screwed "

For now, evil has prevailed.  On The Resident Season 1 Episode 11, the devious doctoral version of Bonnie and Clyde schemed their way to the top of Chastain Memorial's world. Unfortunately, the hour liv... more

The Voice: Top 12 Performance...
Season 14, Episode 19: " Live Top 12 Performances "

The Voice season 14 is moving to the next round of the competition as the top 12 contestants perform songs that tell the stories of their lives for tonight's two-hour live event. As usual, America gets to decide who... more

American Idol: The Top 10 are Rev...
Season 16, Episode 14: " Top 10 Reveal "

Get ready, America! Not only are we about to learn who you advanced to the Top 10 with your first-ever votes on the ABC reboot of American Idol, but with the first live show of season 16 comes the first live blog as... more






Episode 3, Season 0

The Terror

Episode 6, Season 1


Episode 2, Season 7


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Grey's Anatomy

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Marvel's Agents of...

Episode 18, Season 5

Siren (2018)

Episode 5, Season 1



CBS Renews 'Bull,' 'The Amazing Race' and More for 2018-2019...

CBS is continuing to prepare for the 2018-2019 TV season by renewing 11 more shows, including Bull, both NCIS spin-offs as well as reality staples Survivor and The Amazing Race. Here is the list of shows CBS has renewed for next season: Blue Bloods Bull Hawaii Five-0 Madam Secretary MacGyver NCIS: Los Angeles NCIS: New Orleans Survivor The Amazing Race 48 Hours 60 Minutes This is in addition to the six shows the network has previously renewed: The Big Bang Theory, Mom, NCIS and freshman shows Young She... more

The Flash: Why 'The Flash' Fans Shouldn't Be Too Worried About Ralph

The Flash episode "Lose Yourself," didn't lack for action. "Lose Yourself" had yet another showdown between Team Flash and The Thinker. As always, The Thinker managed to come out on top, but the degree of the villain's victory was a lot bigger than usual. The Thinker managed to take out two of Team Flash's biggest allies, stripping Caitlin of Killer Frost and taking over the body of Ralph Dibny. Ralph, The Elongated Man, is dead. However,  The Flash fans shouldn't mourn Ralph just yet. A... more

The Flash: 5 'Flash' Mysteries That Are Killing Us

Goodbye, Ralph Dibny. It was fun while it lasted. The Elongated Man (Hartley Sawyer) met his untimely demise during The Flash's aptly titled "Lose Yourself," and his death just added to the litany of questions we have about the final episodes. We've never been more in the dark about a season's ending than we are right now, and it's driving us crazy. Let's break down the big issues. Is Ralph Really Dead? We've known from the start that Ralph's chances of survival were low. Th... more

The Flash: 'The Flash' Needs to Bring Caitlin and Cisco out of the Back...

With The Flash season 4 focusing on Ralph's journey to heroism, Iris' new role as the leader of Team Flash and Harry's brilliant mind being their "best option" for taking on The Thinker, Caitlin and Cisco have drifted to the background. It's disappointing, because their characters have been irreplaceable members of Team Flash from the very beginning. Whether as Caitlin and Cisco or as their heroic alter egos (if Caitlin gets her powers back), the two could easily be incorporated into every... more

Riverdale (US): Kevin Keller's Huge 'Riverdale' Mistake Will Have Major Repe...

All right, Kevin Keller, we have to ask -- what were you thinking? When it comes to Kevin's (Casey Cott) directorial abilities, he is second to none. His production of Carrie: The Musical was spot on ... right up until that brutal on-stage murder. Because when it comes to producing a musical in Riverdale, you not only need to be able to flawlessly handle your cast's interpersonal drama, you also need to be able to accurately assess a threat from the Black Hood. When it comes to the latter, poor K... more





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Good Girls

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