WHAT TO WATCH TONIGHT?  Wednesday, May 27, 2015



Chicago Fire: We Call Her JellyB...
Season 3, Episode 21: " We Called Her Jellybean (1) "

  • Ambush Predator
    Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 12 found Severide on a mission to find out ...
  • Hanging in the Balance
    That's one hell of a season finale Chicago Fire Season 2 Episode 22.  ...

Dick Wolf really loves dragging up the past, doesn't he? Chicago Fire Season 3 Episode 21 kicked off the three-part crossover that will conclude tomorrow evening. I'd like to give props to the powers that be wh... more

Person of Interest: Asylum
Season 4, Episode 21: " Asylum "

  • Q&A
    The Machine reviews its files on Claire Mahoney, a competitor in Samaritan's ...
  • Control-Alt-Delete
    The Machine reviews its encounters with Samaritan, Control, and Sam sacrifici...

Elias and the Brotherhood. Samaritan’s headquarters. The return of Control. Person of Interest Season 4 Episode 21 was jam-packed, and it wasted no time in diving right into the various storylines that have p... more

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L...: The Dirty Half Doz...
Season 2, Episode 19: " The Dirty Half Dozen "

  • Yes Men
    Jimmy stops at a bar with his new love, Lorelei. He goes inside to get someth...
  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Reborn
    S.H.I.E.L.D. is reborn! Coulson's team put their lives on the line and...

Okay, now that's how you do a frakkin' movie tie-in people! I've been waiting for a real connection between the movies and the series since last year's Captain America: The Winter Soldier shook up the TV series... more

Chicago PD: The Number of Rats
Season 2, Episode 21: " There's My Girl "

Things got serious real fast, right? Chicago PD Season 2 Episode 21 served as the second part of crossover week and hot damn, it was crazy good! Let's speak about Greg. We have our guy in the scrubs who effec... more

Modern Family: Integrity
Season 6, Episode 21: " Integrity "

  • Grill, Interrupted
    This is the kind of episode I like to see. Modern Family Season 6 Episod...
  • All You Need Is Love
    Sometimes I give Modern Family a little heat and I have to remind myself tha...

You know you're in for a fun half hour whenever Jay and Phil are together.  Of all the many Modern Family pairings over the years, the Jay and Phil dynamic has always been one of the stronger ones. I could wat... more





Game of Thrones

Episode 7, Season 5


Episode 23, Season 10

Modern Family

Episode 24, Season 6

Keeping Up with th...

Episode 12, Season 10

The Messengers

Episode 6, Season 1


Law & Order: SVU

Episode 1, Season 17

Geordie Shore

Episode 8, Season 10

Dance Moms

Episode 21, Season 5


Episode 11, Season 1

Chicago PD

Episode 1, Season 3



The Bachelor: 'Bachelorette' Star Kaitlyn Bristowe on Pre-Fantasy Suite Se...

Right after the season 11 premiere of The Bachelorette, ABC released a teaser for what's ahead of the season, featuring Kaitlyn Bristowe getting intimate with one of her suitors before the fantasy suite date. This sparked mixed reactions from fans of the reality dating series-- some of which took to social media to "slut-shame" Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn immediately addressed the issue and says she feels no shame about having an adult relationship. "I don't think that's a crazy thing to sleep with some... more

Nan: Catherine Tate's 'Nan' is set to return in two new episodes

Having already made a BAFTA-nominated episode that was shown on BBC One in 2014, Catherine Tate is set to bring back the country’s best-loved OAP in two new half-hour episodes. They will be filmed later this year and shown on television in 2016. The new specials will be written by Catherine Tate , Brett Goldstein and Dan Swimer. The character of Nan first appeared on the popular Catherine Tate Show. Shane Allen, Controller, Comedy Commissioning, says: "Nan is one of the most iconic comedy characters o... more

Bones: 'Bones' Exclusive Interview: The 5 Most Difficult and Fascin...

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Kathy Reichs, the creator of Bones character, forensic anthropologist Dr. Temperance Brennan. Joining us was her daughter, Kerry, who co-wrote this season's "The Woman in the Whirlpool" episode. Though Kathy reviews every single Bones episode for scientific accuracy, this is the third episode the mother-daughter team has envisioned from concept to completed script, the first two being season 5's "The Witch in the Wardrobe," and season 9's "The Dude i... more

Badults: Greg Davies talks about series 2 of Man Down

  Greg Davies chats about the new series of the popular comedy series, Man Down. The show returns on Monday 1st June at 10pm on Channel 4. For the uninitiated, what is Man Down all about? Very simply, it’s about a middle aged teacher, Dan, who is lost at sea. Not literally. That would make it a very different programme. Where did we leave Dan at the end of the last series? We gave him a little bit of hope. He’d been dumped by a girlfriend, but he had a lady at work who he thought might make his ... more

Big Brother (UK): Big Brother - Second Eviction Spoiler

This week Adjoa, Eileen and Sarah faced eviction from the Big Brother house following face to face nominations earlier in the week. After the public vote was closed, Emma talked to the house and revealed that Adjoa had received the most amount of public votes and would be the second housemate to leave the house. more




Geordie Shore

Episode 8, Season 10

Your Family Or Min

Episode 8, Season 1


Episode 15, Season 7

Finding Carter

Episode 9, Season 2

Dance Moms

Episode 21, Season 5



Episode 11, Season 1

Dance Moms

Episode 41, Season 5

America's Got Tale...

Episode 1, Season 10

Hell's Kitchen

Episode 14, Season 14


Episode 12, Season 6



Episode 8, Season 2

American Dad!

Episode 14, Season 11

RuPaul's Drag Race

Episode 13, Season 7


Episode 7, Season 4

Silicon Valley

Episode 7, Season 2