The Catch: Rhys Betrays Margo...
Season 1, Episode 7: " The Ringer "

On this episode of The Catch, "The Ringer," Rhys continues to investigate Ben's relationship with Alice while setting up a new con. Alice searches for a missing child with Val and issues an ultimatum with Ben.Alice ... more

The 100: Red Sky at Morning
Season 3, Episode 14: " Red Sky at Morning "

  • Wanheda
    The season premiere was pretty fantastic but I dare say that The 100 Seas...
  • How Did The World End?
    The 100's "Thirteen" is devastating! We finally get some more insight into ho...

The dress code in the City of Light is "business casual," apparently. The 100 Season 3 Episode 14 saw a confrontation between Luna and ALIE's chipped soldiers. Though Luna technically won in the end, she sti... more

Grey's Anatomy: Who Was Granted Cu...
Season 12, Episode 22: " Mama Tried "

  • Carpe Diem
    There are a few things that I am certain of. One of them is that sitting thro...
  • Outnumbered
    Throughout the years, the doctors’ love lives have played an unforgettab...

As soon as Meredith's opening voice-over referenced the Biblical story of King Solomon and the two mothers, I had the feeling we were in for a long and difficult night on Grey's Anatomy. Scratch that. As soon as "pr... more

The 100: Will Raven Find Wh...
Season 3, Episode 14: " Red Sky at Morning "

  • Wanheda
    The season premiere was pretty fantastic but I dare say that The 100 Seas...
  • How Did The World End?
    The 100's "Thirteen" is devastating! We finally get some more insight into ho...

Things are looking pretty hopeless on The 100. Murphy, Pike and Indra actually decide to work together to defeat Jaha and ALIE, Raven and Monty come up with their own plan, and Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia and Jasper co... more

Project Runway All-Stars: Season 5 Finale A...
Season 5, Episode 13: " New York State of Mind "

After ousting ten other All Star designers, it's Dom, Ken and Kini left to duke it out as the final three to see who will be the winner of Project Runway All Stars Season 5. They're all so different with such creati... more





The Flash

Episode 3, Season 1

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Episode 22, Season 12


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DC's Legends of To...

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Netflix Orders 'Punisher' Series with Jon Bernthal

The Marvel universe is about to get even bigger on Netflix. The streaming service has ordered The Punisher, a new series featuring Jon Bernthal's character introduced in the second season of Daredevil. The Punisher is the sixth Marvel series for Netflix, following Daredevil and Jessica Jones, the upcoming Luke Cage and Iron Fist as well as the team-up miniseries The Defenders. [TwitterVideo=] The show will center on Bernthal's character, a vi... more

The 100: Best 'The 100' Quotes from 'Join or Die'

Bad got worse and hope was crushed on The 100 Season 3 Episode 13 titled, "Join or Die." Kane and Pike arrived in Polis to a street filled with the blood of those who refused to take the key and join the City of Light. Their journey took a torturous turn when Indra unleashed her revenge on Pike and Kane rebuffed Jaha's demands. Elsewhere, the Adventure Squad finally found Luna, but their hope was dashed when she turned down the flame. Check out the best lines and exchanges from "Join or Die," which i... more

The Flash: Why Barry and Iris Need to Get Together Immediately on 'The ...

After nearly a season of stolen glances and unsubtle hints it finally happened. Iris confessed to Barry that she has feelings for him and wants to see if they have a future together. Barry didn't exactly jump at the chance to reciprocate. He had a few other things on his mind in "Rupture" like deciding if he was going to potentially sacrifice himself to save the city from Zoom and overall how to beat the speedy man in black. Before season 2 of The Flash ends though, Barry better confess his feelings f... more

America's Got Talent: 'America's Got Talent' Sneak Peek: Simon Cowell Channels Han...

NBC is giving Simon Cowell the Hannibal Lecter treatment in its new promo for America's Got Talent season 11. As reported previously , the series creator  will be taking over Howard Stern's seat at the judging panel, joining Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Mel B. In the first clip, the infamous reality TV judge, who is known for eating contestants alive figuratively, is seen tied up and wearing a mask, a la Hannibal Lecter. When Cowell's mask is removed, the new judge asks, "Is all of this nec... more

NCIS: [WATCH] 'NCIS' Sneak Peek: Can McGee Get a 14-Year-Old to Re...

British spy Jacob Scott is still out there, but NCIS will be dividing its focus between hunting for him and working a case in "Homefront." In this episode, a 14-year-old foils a home invasion, and Gibbs suspects the teenager is withholding pertinent details. Meanwhile, Vance and Fornell travel to London as part of the ongoing spy case. Also, First Lady Michelle Obama appears as she welcomes Gibbs and the wife of a marine to the White House for a Joining Forces roundtable with military spouses. Watch the... more




Orphan Black

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