Fuller House: How?
Season 2, Episode 6: " Fuller Thanksgiving "

  • How?
    How did they actually manage to not tell themselves "OK, this is pretty awful...

How did they actually manage to not tell themselves "OK, this is pretty awful." I mean, it was horrific. Childish, mean-spirited, one-sided, cringey, little to no funny jokes. Wow, just wow. Honestly, I would ac... more

Queen Sugar: To Usward
Season 2, Episode 2: " To Usward "

  • By Any Chance
    The Bordelon clan struggled through Queen Sugar Season 1 Episode 5, as t...
  • So Far
    There’s one thing you can always count on from Queen Sugar…that the im...

The Bordelon siblings continued to be so absorbed in their own troubles that they failed to be there for one another on Queen Sugar Season 2 Episode 2, and at times, it hurt to watch. These three could be a ... more

America's Got Talent: A Magician and Dan...
Season 12, Episode 4: " Auditions, Week 4 "

Okay, people. Let's get one thing clear: I watch America's Got Talent to be entertained. Sure, I expect to get a bit emotional at times and maybe even shed a tear or two (the key words being "or two").What I don't d... more

Animal Kingdom: Broken Boards
Season 2, Episode 4: " Broken Boards "

  • Karma
    Is Deran going to go legit? On Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 2 Der...
  • Animals
    Deep down, Smurf is a broken woman. On Animal Kingdom Season 1 Episod...

In the end, Deran got the last laugh. Smurf tried to ruin Deran's opening night on Animal Kingdom Season 2 Episode 4, but Deran dropped a huge secret and let her know he was onto her game. Meanwhile, Po... more

Pretty Little Liars: Charlotte's Killer...
Season 7, Episode 19: " Farewell, My Lovely "

  • Cat's Cradle
    The Liars have gathered to discuss Ali's parrot that was taken to close out l...
  • Ravenswood,The Prequel
    After the amazing Pretty Little Liars summer finale, viewers were expecting ...

Who killed Charlotte? The answer is finally revealed in the penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars, which also features Aria talking to the dead body in her trunk, Spencer and Caleb entering an underground tunne... more





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The Bachelorette: 'Whaboom' Guy Admits He Came on 'The Bachelorette' For Fame

Not everyone who appears on The Bachelor are there for the right reasons and not everyone will admit it. However, Bachelorette season 13 castoff Lucas Yancey is taking a different route by confessing he did go on the reality dating show for fame.  In an interview with The Domenick Nati Show, the 30-year-old contestant, who is known for his catchphrase "Whaboom," revealed his true motives to go on The Bachelorette and what he's planning to do next. According to Yancey, his interest on going on The B... more

The Real Housewives of Atlanta: Did 'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Star Kenya Moore Get Marrie...

After her roller coaster romance with Matt Jordan, it's hard to imagine Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore jumping in a serious relationship let alone be married. However, there's a rumor circulating that the 46-year-old reality star just got hitched. According to blogger Tamara Tattles, Moore and her boyfriend of eight months exchanged vows during a private ceremony in a remote location. "A Tamara Tattles Spy has sent photographs which appear to show Kenya getting married. Full disclosu... more

Reign: 3 Reasons the 'Reign' Series Finale Could Be a Major Disappo...

The Reign series finale airs on June 16. There are just days left to tell the story of Mary, Queen of Scots: her third marriage, her downfall and her disastrous end. While there are plenty of fans excited for what's to come, there just isn't enough time to fit all the necessary stories into the show before it ends. Here's a look at all the reasons the Reign series finale could be a major disappointment for fans. The French and English Storylines Have Felt Like Filler There were plenty of int... more

The Originals: 'The Originals' Spin-Off Could Be in the Works

The Originals season 4 started with a sizable time jump and now rumors are circulating that it will end with one too. TVLine is reporting that The Vampire Diaries spin-off is evidently planning a spin-off of its own -- one with direct roots to The Vampire Diaries and its series finale. Rumors are circulating that the new series will be centered around The Originals' Hope, but not as fans know her in season 4. Possible Spoiler Alert for The Originals Season 4 Finale!  Though things are just in the r... more

World Of Dance: Who's the Best Judge on 'World of Dance'?

Anybody who's seen a competition reality show knows the judges make the experience worthwhile. Sure, we all find our favorite contestant, root for them to make it out on top ... and then promptly forget them before the next season starts. On the other hand, the judges are the glue that holds these shows together, and without them, we wouldn't have much to watch. The judges on World of Dance are no different, and they're all pretty great. But one is far better than the other two, and it's o... more





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