WHAT TO WATCH TONIGHT?  Friday, Aug 18, 2017



Zoo: Stakes on a Plane
Season 3, Episode 8: " Stakes on a Plane "

Abe and Dariela had plenty of time to try to save their family on Zoo Season 3 Episode 8, but instead, they strapped in after making sushi out of the cray-cray hybrid and let the plane fend for itself. Will ... more

Queen of the South: La Noche Oscura De...
Season 2, Episode 11: " La Noche Oscura del Alma "

A queen isn’t made, she’s born. I’m not so sure about that.  The Teresa Mendoza we met in Queen of the South Season 1 Episode 1 didn’t look like queen material to me. She was quick on her feet an... more

The Night Shift: R3B0OT
Season 4, Episode 8: " R3b0ot "

  • Recovery
    The team is back, but things have definitely changed for some of our favor...
  • Family Matters
    Whew! Thank goodness Kenny is okay! His situation was looking pretty d...

It was a dangerous night to be a patient at San Antonio Memorial Hospital.  At first, it seemed as if Shannon's patient was jinxed, but it soon became clear something more sinister was occurring. Conside... more

America's Got Talent: Live Results Who ...
Season 12, Episode 14: " Live Results 1 "

America's Got Talent went live for the first time in Season 12 as the quarterfinals got underway, but despite a rollicking two hours of fun, a closer inspection reveals a rather sub-par effort on the collective beha... more

Masterchef: Whose Luck Runs ou...
Season 8, Episode 11: " Vegas Deluxe & Oyster Shucks "

MasterChef takes over Las Vegas as the Top 12 head to Caesars Palace to celebrate the luxury resort's 50th anniversary. But it's after the party where things really heat up in the make-shift MasterChef kitchen at No... more





Game of Thrones

Episode 29, Season 0


Episode 24, Season 0

Ray Donovan

Episode 2, Season 5

The Strain

Episode 5, Season 4


Episode 4, Season 3



Episode 8, Season 3

Teen Wolf

Episode 12, Season 0

Dark Matter

Episode 12, Season 3

Rick and Morty

Episode 21, Season 0


Episode 8, Season 4



Casting Bits: Donna's Ex-Boyfriend Cast on 'Suits,' Annette ...

The Fall TV season is almost here and with it comes a lot of casting news. Suits has enlisted another human-sized obstacle in Donna and Harvey's romance. American Crime Story is receiving a drastic overhaul, including the ouster of some major stars. The Walking Dead has cast an actor for a mysterious role. Lastly, a new bad boy is coming to Riverdale while a new villain is joining The Flash. Riverdale Casts Veronica's Bad Boy Ex Riverdale announced at San Diego Comic Con that Veronica's ex-b... more

The Real Housewives of New York City: [Video] Sneak Peek at 'The Real Housewives of NYC' Season 9 ...

Now that The Real Housewives of New York City has concluded its ninth season, it's time to revisit old feuds and dig up more dirt on the ladies on the highly anticipated reunion special. Expect lots of drama as Bethenny Frankel questions Ramona Singer's attitude while Tinsley Mortimer calls out Sonja Morgan for the way she's been treated. Of course there are also discussions about the marriage of Luann D'Agostino, who at the time hasn't announced her plans to divorce her husband Tom. ... more

Nashville: 'Nashville' Season 5: Does the Show Work Without Rayna?

Nashville Season 5A saw the heartbreaking death of the heart of the show. Many fans wondered just how it could go on without Rayna Jaymes acting as the glue. Some have begged Connie Britton to return, but the show must go on without her. The writers have tried, but does the show really work without her? Too Many Jumpy Storylines Without Rayna, Nashville has had to focus more on other characters. Maddie and Scarlett have been pulled to the front, trying to hold up Juliette and Deacon's storylines. Gu... more

Big Brother: Why Paul Should Keep Cody in the House on 'Big Brother 19'

Of Big Brother 19's many rivalries and feuds, none has been as consistent or bitter as the one between Paul and Cody. Since the very first night, Cody has not been a fan of Paul and he's made that known quite clearly. Now that Jessica is out of the game, Cody has no one to calm him down and he will likely go after Paul with every ounce of his energy. It's normally never a good idea to leave someone in Big Brother who wants you out, so Paul will undoubtedly try to target Cody, but it would be i... more

Big Brother: Why It's Good (and Bad) That There's No Jury Buyback on 'Big...

On Thursday's live eviction episode of Big Brother 19, Julie Chen announced to the house that the Top 11 all made it to the jury, something many of them have been talking about nonstop all season long. But Julie also revealed a huge twist. For the first time since season 14, no one from the jury will return to the game. For the past four seasons in a row, there was always a competition where one of the first four or five members of the jury would get to return to the game, but thi will not be the cas... more




The Mist

Episode 9, Season 1


Episode 8, Season 3

The Night Shift

Episode 8, Season 4

Queen of the South

Episode 11, Season 2

Girlfriend’s Guide...

Episode 1, Season 4


Impractical Jokers

Episode 19, Season 6

Project Runway

Episode 1, Season 16

Whose Line Is It A...

Episode 10, Season 13

Big Brother

Episode 24, Season 19

Boy Band

Episode 9, Season 1


Blood Drive

Episode 10, Season 1


Episode 7, Season 1

The Sinner

Episode 3, Season 1

Odd Mom Out

Episode 6, Season 3


Episode 1, Season 1